Best Job For Creative Minds: UI/UX Design

Oindrila Saha | 8th February 2018

In my 6 years of experience in UI/UX designing, I find myself at paid holiday every time. By this statement I mean if you are a designer then you are going to be the only human who is passionate about their job and absolutely in love with your job. You are getting paid for what you like to do most.


I have seen a lot of people complaining about their jobs, not getting the satisfaction of what they do and even at times envious of what I do since its creative work.



NO 1: It’s challenging!

Going out of the box and create something of your own is your job. So obviously people will question because everyone has a different perspective and creative approach which you designed. Crazy ideas are welcomed and your designs will be evaluated by a few people and that’s gonna be challenging but fun.


NO 2: It’s not boring at all!

Being monotonous is not at all a good idea while designing. As a UI/UX designer, I face challenges everyday and its intriguing. The thrill of creating something new of your own is not boring at all.

Each day a designer faces various types of queries which keep provoking ourselves in the task of growing, changing and developing the world. So it has always been an endless process.

Every day a designer has to face a different type of questions because designers are in the task of growing, changing, and developing the world. It has always been an adventurous journey for me where you are satisfying numerous users with your design techniques and giving them magical experiences and making their life better.


NO3: You are techy too!!

The best part- companies gives you iPhone X, VR headset, AR headset, android or apple watches to check out your designs in both UI and UX perspective. So, while making a design you actually can use the devices which is an exciting thing for me, and I guess for any designers. Being a UX designer you are always updated with new trends and technologies. It’s like you belong to the futuristic world.


NO4: You can be a UX designer too!

Basically what I mean is that you don’t always have to hold a degree related to this area of expertise. So does that mean anyone who has the power to think and implement that idea into a solution can be a designer? Yes, of course!

For instance content writers, lawyers, mathematicians, engineers, etc. anyone can make a design. UX design is the only field where people from any field can come, learn, train and shift their career. UX is all about improving your day to day life experiences.

NO5: Work From Anywhere

To keep a mouse, laptop, pencil, and note are essential for a UI/UX designer. So basically we can work from anywhere. For any urgent last-minute changes, you can do it in a train, airport, park, home literally anywhere if you have access to the internet. Designers are always in high demand because no machine learning can have the thinking capacity of a designer.


NO6: Making people smile!

When you are able to move a single button, you are impacting billions of human’s life on this planet. As a UI/UX designer, you are directly connected to the end users and can see the impact it brings to someone’s life. Because you have the ability to make critical things into a simpler version for a living. If you are able to make people smile that means you are making their life better. So the society will grow which will impact the growth of the nation, so now if the nation grows the whole world will rise.

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