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Sukhmani Kaur | 27th September 2018

I hope that this article will catch your eye and make you efficient to work more easily and swiftly. I believe everyone has their own way to work and with a different process, so I have articulate a diverse list of tools. It will help to create user flow in a sketch, example Flow kit.

1. Design Principles-
Whosoever is looking to improve your design game, I suggest to look into Design Principles. The purpose is to help designers and aid organization to understand, analyze and make better design principles. This tool makes designers and team have a backup in principles that help to make better product decisions for the future.

2. Elements in UI Kit-
An element is UI Kit designed by people who brought Sketch. Pretty standardized designs are there and you can easily customize them. The best thing about the element is its kit’s size, it consists of 35 screens, 45 icons, and 175 symbols to attract people to start its use.

3. Feather Icons-
Feather Icon is made up of more than 250 open sources to free icons. It has many interesting ones as icons for pocket, TV etc. It also covers icons like arrows to social media ones.

4. UX Timeline-
UX timeline is a screenshot based timeline of a Website. It catches interest because it lets you see the evolution of the homepage.

5. Devices by Facebook-
It contains an amazing set of images of all sorts. Facebook created this to partly share with designers for free. They also send a message to users by capturing the diversity of devices.

6. The Noun Project-
Another useful and valuable resource of icons is the Noun Project. It provides free and paid options for icon sets and individual icons. Its repository is vast and became of many different styles of icons.

7. Canva-
Canva has become a quick and all-purpose graphics tool for designing. We can use this for all sorts of high-quality graphics example business card mockup to social media and blog images.

8. Typeface App-
It is a great organized tool to manage different fonts. It let you browse your fonts, preview text, edit sizes, and even the live customization feature is brilliant.

9. Colors-
Colors is a color scheme tool. We can easily create color palettes at a faster rate and with much ease. This lets you customize your own color scheme, adjust and refine scheme to your own liking.

10. Contrast-
To make a better accessible design- Contrast is a good tool. The app cross checks if the contrast is high enough based on accessibility guidelines and web content. Design of high contrast is more accessible for low-quality screens and visually impaired screens.

11. Aspect Ratio-
Aspect ratio is an easily usable tool to get the right specifications for a mobile interface. They include pixel size and aspect ratio, which are handy for designers and developers.

This was a list that can improve your workflow and make your designing culture easy.

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Sukhmani Kaur

I like thinking and creating solutions to the problems which user encounter in their journey while running an application. Creating a simple, eye catchy and user engaging things is my motto while designing.

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