Why to use Animations in your Web Design?

Neha Gupta | 30th November 2018

Gone are the days when professional websites used to be boring with text, basic hyperlinks, few images, and a form. By the days, the websites got improved with images, menus got more friendly and catchy information.

Now, the user expectations of using website have evolved over the years. They demand to be more interactive in using web pages. Web Designs have level up by taking visual storytelling experience. Animations are now part of the design method.


What is Animation?

An animation is an illusion of development made by demonstrating a progression of still pictures in fast progression. It is a technique in which pictures are controlled to show up as moving pictures.

Animations come in an assortment of styles and uses, running from basic >1-second pops or flashes that go about as features, to complex activities that can be used relatively like a video.


Why use Animations?

The primary reason for using animation is to increase usability. Usability comes in a few ways :

  • As a communication medium, like to tell how to use website
  • To show change, on hover change color or highlight text
  • Create a flow

The other reason for using animations is an aesthetic one. The animation is like decoration with acceptable visual. It can help to tell a story or can be used to create an emotional connection between the user and the interface. The main of using animations to your website is to spark visual interest for a longer time of a user.

Animation lets the user navigate the things, draw attention to a particular element, show them the next step they will/should take throughout the website. It serves a purpose for visitors and keeps them engaged.



Good animation will make visitor experience better. This can be in any form like an emotional connection with the website or making a website easier to use. But just remember too much use of something good can be bad and animations are no exception.


In my next blog, I will write about the types of animations.


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Neha Gupta

Neha is an experienced UI/UX Designer. Also have hands-on Branding, both digital and printed. Worked on different projects including design of cryptocurrency exchange, mobile app, wireframes, and improved UX.

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