How To Use Characters In Web Design

Sukhmani Kaur | 30th July 2019

Using character illustration in web design makes an easy way to increase the amount of visual appeal your website has. Not only it brightens things up and makes the site more captivating.

Although the website’s content is important, a beautiful and engaging design helps to bring everything together.

People love cartoons whether they are young or old. We simply learn from animated movies since childhood, this helps it in making the website design memorable. The illustrations are capable of conveying the message to the target audience. As per the providers of web design services, characters plays very important role in web design.

1. Creates an Impression- It creates an impression which is often called the first impression. When in daily life we meet a new person our first impression has a significant impact on whether or not we like that person. It takes only a few seconds for us to decide whether we enjoyed their company or not. Similarly, the same works in case of digital products. Once the product has made a negative impression on the users, chances are they won’t use it again.

2. Obtain Emotional responses- It is a well known saying that ‘a picture is worth a thousand word’s – and it is true when it comes to communication on an emotional level. A character can portray a variety of emotions. It is possible to portray emotions through design by using an emotional expression on character faces. A much more powerful effect can be created by using multiple characters which share the same emotion. It can draw the user’s interest and make them want to be part of the group experience.

3. Engages User- Illustrations conveys the message that supports the content very strongly. The content no doubts is most important in the site but it is important that illustrations support your message so that it creates a story in the mind of the user, which makes your site memorable for him.

4.Usage of funny animal mascots- When your product or business is self-explanatory, and all you want is to make it stand out in the crowd, for this you can take the help of animal mascots. This can also be called as taking help of smart character in your design to make it stand out. Usage of funny characters can transform a boring website into an enjoyable website.

5. Using animation- Animation is the new trend to engage the user or what the site is all about. Animation doesn’t have to be certainly big, a small piece of animation can be used. It can help to support your brand or maybe it can be introductory animation.


Using characters are amazing assets. They can improve and advance client experience yet at the same time hold their fun-loving and lovable nature. Requiring our internal identity, they make our visit on the site lovely and agreeable. They overcome any issues between us, normal online group, and the site proprietor—setting out the establishment of a decent relationship.


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