A Comprehensive Guide To Uplift User Engagement On Social Media Networks

Anuj Bisht | 4th July 2017

As of 2018, there’s an estimated 1/3 of the total population, active on social media platforms. These stats are enough to show how much big social media is. And also at what higher extent is can use as a marketing tool. It has potential to anyhow boost your business. Also, the power of engaging customer with our social media pages is the engine which can give success to the social media campaigns. In one of our previous blog, we have given social media branding strategies for your business. This guide is helpful in improving user engagement on social media networks.

Guide to uplift User Engagement on Social Media Networks:

Profile page creation:

There are many ways to increase the likes on your social media thing, one of the way is to create an attractive page of your profile like you can design constant size post on the social media platforms so that when you scroll it gives a viewer a good impression of the product or the brand because if your page attract people then your likes and views automatically increases. The ad banner is another way to increase your brand awareness or attract common people, set age limit and your target audience and start the ad now, go with the new trends for social media promotion.

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Creating slideshow and GIF:

Like you can make slide show or GIF things these are now on trend, slideshow is a new creative way to show your page posts in this you have to promote your product or brand this will help you to do brand awareness, now people are more interested in creating GIF because it is more eye cache it’s kind of animation so that it look’s good, if you want to design GIF then you have to work on it one by one frame the more you create frames the more GIF is smooth while playing. With this, one can enhance user engagement on social media.

Creating videos:

one more thing you can do you can create a video it also gives you maximum results video is next level for the social media platforms use as much as you can, if you do these things this will help you to convert more traffic on your Facebook page or other social media platforms, some generic posts and campaign ads are also helping to engage user engagement on social media, I hope if you do these things it will help you. I am sure that most of the things are useful to you or other things you should apply for some particular things or platforms.


Everyone knows the power of social media platforms due to the high number of users on it. This is a beneficial marketing platform for many companies. But for this, they have to improve user engagement, they can create their profile page, create videos, and make GIFs. Here at Oodles Marketing, we provide services to improve user engagement on social media.

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