Master These User Interface Design Basics To Master Designing

Bharat | 13th July 2018

It is not a secret that user interfaces which have shown tremendous user experience are the ones which are created to perform out of the box. ‘Performing out of the box’ doesn’t mean that you are taking your users into an irrelevant space. Rather, a good user interface design gives enough space to a user to work as per his needs and choices. In fact, a good User Interface Design has the potential to engage a large number of users.

To master user interface design, one has to know these basics:

1) Know the needs of a user

You have to understand that the targets of your users are also your own. Get to know more about your user’s skillset, his experience, and his needs. You have to design not just to impose new features, rather you have to give first preference to the choices of your users. You need to create an interface which lets your user achieve his targets.

2) Keep a focus on patterns

The users spend most of their time on interfaces rather than their owned social pages. These interfaces may resolve some issues that users recognize. If you use a familiar UI pattern, you can help your users feel good.

3) Consistency required

Every user requires consistency in any business. If a user becomes habitual of your interface’s environment, he may likely want to be in that environment again and again. Layouts, excellent designs, and languages are a few elements of an interface where consistency is required. Due to a consistent interface, users can have a better understanding of how things are going to get done which actually increases the overall performance of a website.

4) Use visual aspects smartly

You have to design a user interface of a web or mobile app in such a manner that the users only focus on most the important aspects. Each and every element of the interface should be placed in such a manner so that it gives a clear and crisp understanding of the website.

5) Immediate feedback

The interface should talk to the user all the time, as per the actions of the user. Whenever a user is right or wrong, the interface must tell the user about that. For that, visually or verbally a pop-up message can be incorporated. Immediate feedback can provide you with important insights.

6) Forgiving Nature

It actually doesn’t matter how perfectly you have designed the interface, but still, people will make errors. Your UI must allow and tolerate these errors. It should have features to undo, redo, etc. If a user has made an error, he must be alarmed of that error and its solution by a pop-up message. So that the user prevents himself from making that error again.

7) Empowering the user

If a user gets familiar himself with the interface then the transformation of difficult tasks into easier ones will look unpleasant. So if he has shortcuts for doing a task, it will help in saving user’s time.


To master user interface design, one has to keep developing the interface. While creating the interface, one will make mistakes so he has to overcome this by removing the bugs. The designer has to make such a UI which is user-friendly in nature and has the capability to help users.

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Bharat is a Content Writer at Oodles Studio having an immense passion for writing Technical Content. He has written content on UI, UX, web designing, and graphic designing.

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