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Shubham Pachauri | 30th June 2017


When we talk about smart objects most of us  think that it is the group of layers which we create

to save our layer from distortion while transforming object in Photoshop. And it is correct also but

this is just a small part of smart object feature and use. Actually smart object saves lots more than that.

Few uses of smart object:


Saving icons as smart Object: While working in Application and websites we use lots of icons in it and sometimes we have to resize them also but they gets rasterize while performing transformation. To tackle such situation we can take help of smart object. We can save our icons in large size inside smart object so in future we can resize it without any fear of distortion or blurriness.


Smart object saves layers Properties: Sometimes we need to apply Blending effects on Groups of layers. So we rasterize them. But then we realize that we have to make changes in those layer’s groups at that time we can’t do anything on that. This situation is very frustrating because now you have to make those layers again from start. Now Smart object can save this problem you can convert your group of layer into a smart object to apply any blending option on it at the same time you can make any change in this by double click on smart object layer.


Smart objects from illustrator: Smart object also save data from Adobe illustrator. Means you can design some complex vector project in Illustrator and later you can use them in Photoshop file as smart object by just dragging them in Photoshop from Illustrator. This ways your vector Project will always be editable inside Photoshop smart object layer. You just need to double click on it and you will be redirected to Illustrator Where you can edit it the way you wants and the Changes will appear in Photoshop at same time.

Smart object are useful exporting process: Smart Object can help you save your time while exporting files. Exporting cropped files is very time taking and boring process but we all have to deal with it. And then we start searching for short cut like “Batch Process” but for that we need to identifies layers which we need to export in batch process so we convert them in smart object.

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