Using the Rule of Thirds in Graphic Design

Aprajita Kushwaha | 26th August 2019

What is the Rule of thirds?

The principle of it is to break the image into thirds, both horizontally and vertically with 9 equal frames. These frames serve as guidelines as to where you should place subjects of interest in your image, either at the intersections or along the lines. Leading providers of user experience and design services use the rule of thirds to build well-balanced web interfaces with engaging illustrations and graphics to significantly enhance user experience.


How the Rule of thirds works?

Rule of thirds helps you to understand the places on an image where a person is naturally looking when viewing an image or design. The most eye-catching points are where the grid lines intersect with each other.

Sections that will first attract eyes attention is the top-left grid intersection, followed by the intersection below it and then the top right and bottom right cross-sections.

Despite the imposing name, the rule of thirds isn’t so much a rule graphic designers and illustrators have to or even should follow with any certainty, However, it is somewhat of a rule where our brains are concerned as we’re naturally programmed to perceive more interest and attraction from appropriately oriented designs.


Why follow the rule of thirds in design?

The rule of thirds may have all the advantages of being well composed and aesthetic.

It depends on how comfortable you are with designing. If you are a beginner the rule of thirds is very valuable. It can help you create a balanced design with image and text complimenting each other. If you are an expert at design, you can easily break the rules and pick photos that suit best to your designs and not worry if it follows the rule of thirds or not.

Breaking the rules is easy if you have very less content on your design, you can choose any image you like and place the text easily without making design look left heavy or right heavy.

Rule of thirds is such an important rule in design with this tool, you can make better layout decisions and ultimately more eye-catching designs.


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