UX Basics:All You Need To Know About User Experience Design

Saurabh Tiwary | 4th November 2016

The term User Experience(UX) is nothing new to the web or graphic design domain. The continuous evolution in the design process and the availability of cutting-edge technologies have redefined the way in which websites and mobile apps were designed a few years ago. The design has certainly obtained a new definition and it is crucial to look at what are the major components of the modern design. In this article, you should be able to walk through some the UX basics before you bring in any changes to your design.

UX basics

What UX is all about?

Well, there is no specific definition to the UX, however, it’s all about the approaches and techniques that is put on the table while achieving best of the design objectives. In short, a user experience can be defined as how creatively a design should be presented to the user so that it’s purpose is accomplished.

Designing a homepage with a product information or providing navigation options for the site, everything constitutes to the UX design. Moreover, every small tweak to boost your website design that adds to the convenience of user is a part of the user experience.

UX Basics: The major components

As a beginner, designers often seem baffled on what actually a site with best UX looks like. Listed below are some of the primary UX components that in accordance with the useful interface can yield a prolific website and mobile UX design.

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Clarity here refers to the honest behaviour of yours while presenting any information to your visitors or customers. In case you are designing a business website, make sure you answer your customers with every what and how thoughts that is likely to come into their minds.


A well-designed site is easy to digest i.e. the users must be able to learn themselves how to proceed with the different components. A good way to create digestible content is to:

  • Focus on navigation
  • Categorising of Content
  • Define Hierarchy of Information
  • Break Down Various Elements


Your efforts in designing a delighting interface might go in vain if you fail to obtain the trust of visitors. One of the major objectives of a perfect UX is to instill the trust of customers through providing interaction options. Also, make use of any other alternative that drives them to engage with your website. The objective is to make the user feel that they are familiar with your design.


I recently had a visit to an e-commerce site looking for a product I wanted to buy. While browsing the various content of the site, I had a sense of comfort and delight that kept on encouraging me throughout to explore more and more related products. This is something that I call the need for every website or mobile UX design services . The efforts to drive users access more and more of your website content is an essence. 

So that’s all about UX Basics.

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