2017: The Year of Video and Animated Logo Design

Saurabh Tiwary | 3rd January 2017

No denying the fact that animated logo is one of the most useful brand identity design assets. Also, a successful brand cannot be build in a course of a day or two. It demands long term expertise pertaining to the brand awareness through different means such as logo animations. The way big companies or brands have been promoting them to their audience has changed a lot through the advancements in Internet and Multimedia users.


Folks are consuming more online content than they used to consume 10 years back; thanks to the increasing number of internet users worldwide. And for the reason, we need to come up with more intuitive content to grab their attention,

2017 The Year of video and animated logo design

What is Animated Logo?

Animated Logo design is a modern logo design technique that makes use of motion graphic principles and tools to create a distinct visual identity of a brand. Such logos see numerous applications in multimedia, TV and internet advertisements.


However, the dynamic nature of animated logos make them inapt for print media applications. Animated logos are often a crucial component of explainer videos or other types of videos that portray the brand identity.


Explainer Videos for Websites

It would be unfair to overlook the importance of explainer videos while talking about the animated logos. The major objective of animated logo is to create a brand awareness. There are so many ways to do this. However, it can be easily employed if you have published some video content on our website.


In most cases, animated logos are used in the beginning of a video clip to leave an earnest brand impression on the user’s mind. However, you can use them as GIF as well on your website pages.

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Why Use Animated Video and Animated Logo Design?

Through the continuous advancements, video, and animated logos are becoming more mainstream. The modern web design uses a mix of graphics and text, and Video and Animated Logos serve quite well.

The main purpose of a logo design is to create a brand awareness. When you choose to opt for an animated logo, it’s something like creating a memorable image. In majority of cases, logos are static images that often need several interactions with the brand for the viewers to make a permanent connection. However, with the clever use of animated logos and videos, your brand comes to a life through a combination of motion, sound, and color.Furthermore, an animated logo will immediately create an impression in your customer’s mind, thus increasing the brand awareness.
An animated logo or an explainer video has better chances of connecting emotionally with ideal target audience by contributing to the overall story behind your brand. By using colors and the sounds used in the animation, an animated logo conveys the vibe of your brand instantly. It also has better chances of keeping the viewer’s attention for a longer period of time. Considering how much content we consume on a daily basis, capturing and keeping the attention of your target audience is no easy feat. But with an animated logo, that problem is significantly reduced and you will be miles ahead of your competition.


Instead of static logo and images, the year 2017 will see the wide application of animated explainer videos and animated logos. Some of its advantages are:

  • Customizable for Different Audience- When you create content for a specific people, you need to have a complete creative control to ensure clear message delivery. Through animation, you can speckle audience personas and customize content designed specifically for them without the hassle of a lengthy production schedule or multiple shoots. You don’t need to call the entire film crew for a video shoot that requires you to invest a huge amount.
  • Flexible- By using animation, brands can have a very simple content structure. Animation can be created to meet a particular video budget. In cost effective scenario, a company can choose to keep animation sequences simple through dynamic text.
  • Boosts Branding- Another advantage of using animation is the ability to get inspiration directly from the brand’s logo and use actual color schemes, animated logo in various applications.


The Bottom Line

Animated videos and logo animations are not new to the design world. However, we see a continuous rise in the demand of animated content on the web. On one side, explainer videos are great resources for producing quality video content, on the other hand, animated logos are taking place of conventional logo design to help boost the branding needs.


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