Web Accessibility- A Crucial Aspect Of Web Designing

Saurabh Tiwary | 1st April 2016

Web Accessibility

Web accessibility allows neutral availability of web services to every internet user. This is very important from the prospect of net neutrality as well as from the web designer’s perspective. The aim of World Wide Web is to provide differently abled people the equal relevance to perceive, understand, navigate, and interact with the Website or Applications so that they can equally contribute to the Web.

The basic idea of Web accessibility is to overcome all the limitations that have some impact on accessing the web for people who are blind, dumb or suffer neurological problems etc. At present, most of the web-sites and  mobile applications have accessibility barriers that complicate a number of visitors and make it impossible for too many people to use the Web. So, it is very crucial for designers to design websites or UX/UI that is adaptive as well as accessible by every segment of people.

How to enhance the Web Accessibility?


Format Of The Heading:-

  • Organize your content into different categories and separate them accordingly
  • Heading of the different section must signify the category of the content
  • Follow a hierarchy and descent accordingly
  • Every categorised section should define typical information


Going Along Ordered List:-

  • Ensure a sequential layout
  • Have a homogeneous navigation throughout the website
  • The best way is to follow a universal order that might not be difficult for disabled as well
  • Combine different items in a logical order to help reader distinguish the information

Color And Font Accessibility:-

  • A moderate contrast between font color and the background color is easily accessible by people with low vision
  • It must comply with WCAG 2.0 web accessibility guidelines
  • Design for readability over designability
  • Follow distinct colors and fonts for specifying visited and unvisited link


Follow Content Bypassing:-

  • Most often, some information gets repeated and user might not want to go through it every time, and so, we should make use of content bypassing technique allowing them to skip or navigate to the other pages.
  • Allow website redirects

Interactive Input Assistance:-

  • Input assistance aids to the convenience of website accessibility as it enhances usability making it more interactive from user’s perspective
  • In the meantime, it is advisable to assist the visitor with additional tools that might help them easy exploring of the information

Audio Video Management

  • When we talk about the web accessibility to the disabled users, audio video feature is considered the most advantageous to them and it should be of the prime importance to the web designers as well.
  • Audio is preferred over video as most of the people do not have online video streaming bandwidth.


Website accessibility is something that is very crucial from designing as well as the development perspective. We, at Oodles Studio, take care of every minute designing technicalities and aim to provide our clients with best of their designing needs keeping website accessibility as a crucial design phase.

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