Web Design and Development Goes Hand in Hand!

The term web design and development are most talked about when we think of websites or mobile apps. Both the departments are influenced by each other. While the development phase sets up the primary aesthetics for providing functionalities, the design part takes into the account the visuals and the usability.

Web Design and Development

The visuals, graphics, text and the interface that end users see is what comes under the web design and the web developers impart functionalities to these design elements. Apparently, web development is known as back-end while the all the web design components are referred to as front-end.


Seeing the current demands, a web or mobile application project cannot be accomplished without a proper balance between web design and web development.


The Need for Collaborative Approach

Whenever a new design project is acquired, it’s not only the development or the design to work in isolation. It is about working on your own part with the combined effort that would produce a better outcome. Most of the projects are associated with the development tasks and vice versa.

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Whenever a new functionality needs to be added, developers need to coordinate with the design team about the new user interface or about the effect that it would have on the existing one. Similarly, design team needs to work in accordance with the developers to discuss any further change that would affect the existing architecture.


Creating a Balance Between the Two

  • Making a proper balance is often required in carrying out any project. When we talk about having a balanced approach, a number of practices can help.
  • Whenever a designer creates a wireframe, they must discuss the scope of functionality with the web development team and talk about the challenges in both the departments.
  • Setting up of the visual aesthetics totally depends on the UI and UX Designers, so they must prepare a style guide and share the pattern libraries with the developers to stay away from any confusion that might occur.
  • All the features that developers add to the application would require several segregations. How developers are going to implement it to the application must be discussed to the designers.

Some interfaces might need complex front-end functionalities, so it is crucial for designers to explain it to the HTML or CSS developers.



If your app or website demands appealing visuals, a designer can help you decide a lucrative template design that is most suitable for your needs. However, for designing user interface, you need a front-end developer to create any structure they can easily update.


Saurabh Tiwary

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