5 Great Tools to Help you Design HTML5 Forms

Saurabh Tiwary | 19th December 2016

The form designing is one of the major components of the web or mobile-based design that contributes to the User Interface. HTML5 provides some really cool features for designing intuitive forms. The advancements in CSS and HTML5 leaves much more room for designers to create out of the box form design. Here, I will guide you through some of the useful form design tools and resources to optimize your website form designs.

HTML5 Form Design Tools

ToolKits for HTML5 Forms

Bootstrap Framework

Bootstrap is a popular name when we talk about designing web forms.

The major advantage of the bootstrap framework is that you don’t actually have to write the CSS for a form.

You invoke a class in the HTML.


<form class=”form-horizontal” role=”form”>


You don’t need to write CSS codes as it’s automatic.

The technique for styling Bootstrap is boundless. You can put your form labels as per your requirements and the form fields can be squared or rounded.


Foundation Framework

Foundation by Zurb can also be used to design beautiful looking forms. It allows you to design advanced forms using similar techniques to the bootstrap. Although form support in the foundation is not wide and extensive as that of Bootstrap, but there can be several advantages to this. When you are designing small forms, you might not indulge in making choice from the deep library.

The JavaScript support in foundation allows you to implement your own custom form elements. If you want to create your own custom checkbox design, Foundation helps you create it easily as a few classes and a tiny JavaScript snippet.

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52 Framework

It was the very first HTML5 frameworks that were widely popular for a number of reasons. Not a very commonly employed but it has some basic form design features included. It is good to do some hands on with 52 Framework if you have used this before and are already aware of it.


Formalize CSS Framework

Formalize is a CSS framework that aims to help designers create forms that are consistent across all the browsers. You need to pair it with JavaScript library and it does rest of the job for you.


Formalize framework is one of the best choices of designers and helps the support most browsers with the latest HTML5 form features.


JotForm Form Builder Tool

JotForm is known to be the first web based WYSIWYG form builder tool. The intuitive drag and drop user interface feature makes this form building one of the favorite choices for designers looking for the easy form design tool. JotForm allows you to create forms and integrate them that allows you to redirect your email to the users.

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