How to Design An Extraordinary Website Portfolio?

Saurabh Tiwary | 9th November 2016

Designing a website portfolio for business development might be tricky. You have a long list of accomplished business projects you have worked for, and you are not pretty sure what to include in your website portfolio. A user can be driven to your website through different means viz. Search Engines, Social Media or direct traffic. But it important to note that every visitor will go through your portfolio to determine whether you meet their requirements. So, it becomes more than a need for merchants with the website needs to design an out of the box portfolio page.

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What Does a Website Portfolio Page Contain?

The first step towards a portfolio design is the study of your core business. Answer these questions before proceeding further.

  • Are you selling any product?
  • Do you need to only showcase products?
  • Are you willing to familiarize yourself with customers ?

These are few general examples and you don’t need to pick one. A great idea is to jot-down the goals you came and set priority. Something like this: Showcase a product, get to know you (2/5), hire you (1/5), Sell products (0/5) etc.

Wireframe Design is Important

Having known your key requirements, there comes the need to design a wireframe. Take out a piece of paper and give it an hour of creativity to design it. Even though you think you are done, sketch out as many copies you can. Nothing is bad nor anything is perfect. The idea is not to design a full wireframe but just a rough sketch.

Know more about Wireframe Designs, The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Wireframes

Once you have put ass-load efforts in sketching out the wireframe, it’s high time to make a selection among sketches and choose a perfect wireframe. These choices are completely personal and there are no definite rules, what works best is definitely correct.

  • Try to be clean and clear- It should not be difficult to explain how your wireframe works. Put efforts to make your first impression clear and inviting.
  • Make a Choice- Being a web or graphic designer, you might be an all-rounder. This doesn’t necessarily need you to highlight everything you know. Focus on strengths instead of overall experience.
  • Focus on your products- The best way is to keep your design minimal until and unless you really need to put on your brand identity. A Portfolio is like an art gallery. It’s not like a showroom where you focu on more attention than the actual artwork.

Choose Between Design and Code?

Not every designer is a coder. But if you are, forget about Photoshop and go for it. By now, you already have a pretty good wireframe design, start out by writing code to match the functionality.

Final Edit And Publish

The final part is to put your portfolio online on your website. When you have a good foundation, you can optimize your page at a later point. It is a good idea to optimize this later on so you can get you returning visitors .

Providing a description in the website portfolio section is like owning a house and renovating it time to time. It is a never ending process like you are not willing to invite people until you finish your construction.

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