Website Redesign Components to Incorporate in 2017

Saurabh Tiwary | 9th January 2017

Refreshing the design might be the need of every website administrator. Perhaps, there can be numerous reasons for website redesign, ranging from the performance improvement to the UI boost etc. Whatever reason you may have, the ultimate goal is to provide industry level interface to the users and ensure maximum website usability.

Here, I list out four different web design trends of 2017 that you must incorporate while carrying out website redesign. 

Website Redesign Components to Incorporate in 2017

Use Gradients

Some of the trends that fade away over time often have a comeback. Gradients are one of them that saw a major comeback in the web and mobile UI design application.
In the earlier design application, gradients were applied with subtle variations throughout the design. The clear example is Apple iOS that applied gradients delicately. However, the current trends of Gradient application vary. Now gradients are big and bold with too much of color applications. Using gradients can be the best way to go with your fresh website.

Simplified Homepage Design

Witnessing the unprecedented popularity of minimalist approach, the design of your homepage should be simple or better say ‘simplest’.

SEO is the prime concern while incorporating the minimalism. However, even the homepage components can also have sound SEO attributes to make your website SEO friendly. The minimalist approach is the clear indication how UI design trends see a gradual shift where less is considered more.

One of the main reasons why ‘less is more’ because number of mobile users has increased significantly. And its impact is seen on the website users as they are loving to scroll on websites regardless of the device type.

To know more about how you can keep your design minimal, take a look at this article.

Minimalist Approach Is The New Secret Of Mobile Apps Design

Video with Sound

As the new trend sees the subtle application of video such as Motion Graphics Videos on the home page, some of the websites use them instead of Hero Headers. Users are used to watching videos. Instead of going through the entire website may take 10-15 minutes, a short explainer video having a length of 1-2 minutes can get your job done and it may ease visitors task as well.

Videos with sound are the great way to go if you are trying to polish your website with some more engagement stuff. However, proceed with caution while using videos with sound. Do not forget to include the option to turn sound off and on as it might have a significant impact on the website user experience.

Virtual Reality Support

We see a wide application of Virtual Reality devices on the web. With more number of VR devices in the market at an affordable price, VR will see wide applications. VR will gradually become the prime need for Gamers, but it will also reach into online marketing and similar other applications.

This demand portrays the importance of VR-based designs to provide best-in-class User Experience. While creating a VR-based design, you should consider the virtual reality experience that does not require a headset. VR supported design make use of 360-degree videos with other 3D effects. This can be an interactive element for your website redesign. 

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