Is your Website Resolution Future-Ready?

Saurabh Tiwary | 4th December 2017

Graphic Technologies have definitely been evolving rapidly giving rise to the high resolution displays.  From a tiny mobile device to a High Definition Television, dense pixels are becoming the mainstream.

While Full HD and HD Displays are gradually disappearing, and UHD and QHD are replacing our existing monitors or Televisions, it’s high time we should consider the high resolution future displays.


Futureproof your website with 4k resolution
The web evolved through 800 x 600 resolution, but very soon display size1024 x 768 took over the 800 x 600 market share. In the year 2008, use of 800 x 600 dropped below 10% ever, and it only took 2 years for this share to reach below 1%.

In 2010, a large number of sites were forced to update their  websites that were designed for the new realities of a 1024 x 768 web.

In the upcoming two years, while people were switching to 1024 x 768 world, display resolution standards gave way to a fragmented environment with availability of 1080 display, smartphones, and tablets.

The new fragmented world led to unsuccessful approaches aiming towards meeting the design requirements of different resolutions. But, ultimately it was responsive design that somehow helped overcome this problem..

In current era, we are facing a usual paradigm shift as the price of new 4k monitors continue to drop. To  understand the impact of 4k resolution, check out the following chart that compares the display resolution and real state of various resolution and screen sizes.

Considering the adoption rates that we have seen in the past couple of years, we predict that these higher resolution screens would soon be gaining significant market share by 2018-19.

As a result, site administrators and brand managers must future-proof their websites that they are launching today by utilizing best practices for creating resolution-independent sites.


The Bottom Line

One of the main factors in our design strategy for creating responsive websites is to design UI which limits the use of images on the page CSS3 with frameworks  such as foundation and bootstrap.

The effort should always be to go with the minimal design approach and to ensure that your design pattern meets future hardware and software needs.


One of the best ways to deliver on KPIs is to design interfaces that at the same time strategically communicate the brand message and take into account the underlying code that brings those interfaces to life.

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