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Saurabh Tiwary | 21st November 2016

The web is growing consistently at an enormous rate now. Millions of text, images and other sorts of content are gaining access to the users on the internet every day. Websites and Social Media together accounts for the majority of the web traffic. Talking specifically about the websites, it is more than a need for every site administrator to gain expertise in designing suitable website UI(User Interface).

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How Important is a Website User Interface Design(UI)?

Since the web is more like a marketplace now, it is the need of every website owner to come up with an outstanding web user interface to attract a number of visitors.

So, is it only about designing the interfaces that bring in more users?

Well, I am not sure whether only the UI is crucial, as  several other elements matter too. However, there is no denying the fact that working on an interface that actually serves the user is what every website demands today.

Having a functional UI creates the most interactive design with an advantage of providing easy accessibility to the website users. The objective is to make them feel delighted throughout their journey. The definition of a perfect UI is beyond words. It’s all about assisting users in getting most out of a site.

Designing Website Interface That Serves Various Types of Users

The type of website UI varies depending on what kind of users it is likely to serve. However, a website which tends to focus on different types of users but not of any particular interest must possess a UI which is easy to understand. Here, we will be talking about some of the elements that must be incorporated while targeting a diverse user base.

Information Architecture(IA)- A Major Website UI Element

No web designer can deny the importance of a proper and useful information architecture for a website UI. It is the first element that sets up the foundation how everything will be placed on your site. From a large image on the homepage to the “term and conditions” link at the bottom, everything is defined by IA.

If you are designing a site which is not meant for specific users, define a hierarchy for every piece of information.

  • Break elements and define categories and subcategories
  • Make sure you list out a bit of everything on the homepage from all the services you offer.
  • Although too much of detail is not required on your homepage, but it is crucial to introduce the users with what your expertise in.

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The Minimalist Approach Works Well When We Focus On All Types of Users

Less is more. This is what minimalist design approach is all about. The  minimum application of graphics and text with the maximum usability of the design, this is what the principle of minimalist approach is. Gone are the days when the use of high contrast and color depth was practiced. The new design principle aims to incorporate the least number of design elements with maximum effectiveness.

Some of the great ways to employ minimalist approach is through:

  • Use of negative space
  • Use of hero images
  • Use of bold Typography
  • Use of sliders and carousels

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Ensure Interactivity and Let the Users Learn

A useful website UI design allows users to interact and learn how everything works. No user is aware of your website content unless you guide them through a functional UI that helps them navigate and access everything being offered.

By interactivity, we mean to create something that helps keep users busy throughout the website. For an example, if you have designed a website for a restaurant and you have listed all your services, you can provide a “pop up” and ask users what food they like the most.

Visual Hierarchy and Consistency

Visual hierarchy is all about highlighting some elements of the website that you want your users to focus on. Design your website user interface in such a way that folks can figure out what is most important and what is least.

On the other hand, consistency in the interface means there exists an information flow. This helps the user feel the same no matter what page of your website they are on.

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