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Saurabh Tiwary | 11th November 2016

A website wireframe is a foundation for all the content of your website. The more time you spend on your wireframe design, the less time you waste while designing your website. So you need be an expert website wireframe designer to get most out of your website. Sometimes, the lack of proper planning or any abrupt change brought in during the process of website development can lead to a delay in your design projects. This can also cost you with the dissipation of time and the resources.

So, to keep away from such issues, it is crucial to focus on designing a functional website wireframe for your project to save a bunch of time and make efficient use of your human resources.

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The Objective of a Website Wireframe Design?

In general, a wireframe may look like a simple black and white paper with layouts and outline design sketch. It specifies the size and placement of page elements such as text, images, logos, videos etc. Usually, colors are not used in designing wireframes or no focus is on font choices as the purpose is to design something like a blueprint.

You may need to design your wireframe for several reasons. Some of the advantages of designing a website wireframe are:

  • Wireframes can be useful in displaying site architecture visually
  • Wireframes can be used for clarification of different features of a website
  • Wireframes can uplift the website usability and accessibility
  • Wireframes can be used to update your website easily
  • Wireframes make the design process iterative
  • Wireframes can reduce the wastage of time during and design and development process

How to Create a Functional Wireframe for Websites?

Here, I list a sequence of steps carried out in the website wireframe design process. I have tried to focus only on the most relevant and effective techniques that are highly employed in bringing out a wireframe  for website that really works.

Make Thorough Study of Your Client’s Need

No matter whether you are designing your own website or working on a client’s project, it is often advised to work hard while evaluating your website goals. This is the first and most important move in the initial design process. Some of the factors you need to consider are:

  • Your Business Goals
  • Your Product Specialization
  • The User Base
  • The Website Content Type etc.

In this phase, spend some time discussing with your co-workers and seek an opinion from them unless they are satisfied with it. You may also ask your client’s to comment on your ideas. Once you find everyone  is appreciating your opinion, your job is done.

Research and Sketch Your Design

This is probably the most difficult part. In this phase, most of the designers start with the Adobe Photoshop or some other tools. But wait! That is not a great way to go.

While starting to design a wireframe for the website, the best way to begin is by making a rough sketch on a paper using a pen or a pencil. Creating a sketch for the wireframe design might be a brainstorming task and you might require spending several hours or a few days to come up with something unique.

The sketch must contain every feature of your website and list out all the requirements for the design. In addition, it should clearly explain every feature of the website. Make use of geometrical figures viz. circles , Rectangles etc to determine where the component takes a place on the website. You must check out what your competitors are using to ensure you are not doing it wrong, instead of better.

The Final Wireframe Design Process

Some designers have a practice of adding the design elements while designing a website wireframe which is a completely wrong approach. The purpose of designing a wireframe is to focus on the layouts but not on the actual design. So, you should only work on determining the structure of your website. Now, you can give your wireframe a final touch. Follow these rules.

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Placement of Elements

In this process, you need to decide where all the elements of the websites will be placed. To do so, you can take suggestions from your clients and study the niche of your design and work accordingly.

Information Hierarchy

It is a primary need of every website design and that’s why it must be implemented carefully. Figure out the most important element of the website interface and also the least important ones. Accordingly, define the information hierarchy of various components.

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Think of Interactive Design Options

While designing a wireframe for a business website, it is crucial to include certain elements that add to the interactivity and the user engagement on the website. To achieve this, you need to provide space to engaging elements in the front. Highlight those elements so that it always remains within the eye of the website visitors.

The Bottom Line

As a website wireframe design expert, the best way is to design using a pen and a paper. It is the simplest way to bring out an effective. When we talk about wireframe design tools, these are not always useful. You can use them when you already have a sketch of your wireframe or need to present a digital copy.

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