What is SVG? Know The Right Tools

Saurabh Tiwary | 30th April 2016


SVG or Scalable Vector Graphic possesses the description of an image as an application to the Extensible Markup Language (XML). Any program or browser that recognizes XML can display the image as per the SVG format. It is different from raster graphics as images in raster graphics have fixed-size bitmap while in vector  graphics, images can be made scalable.

This has several advantages as this format allows viewing of images with multiple size and resolution. One can view the image on a CRT display or a tiny mobile display. Apart from its ability to be reduced and enlarged, it also enables text within images to be perceived in such a way that it can be easily translated and located.

Let us discuss about some handy tools and resources that you can use for optimizing, editing and delivering Scalable Vector Graphics.

Free SVG Editor

This editor is a web-based online editor and is open source. It works in any modern browser providing some of the very cool editing features like numerous drawing and importing options.

SVG Conversion Tools  

Some of the most useful conversion tools are:-

  • PicSVG:- It allows uploading image directly to the website and creates SVG immediately, converting it from JPEG, PNG and GIF formats.


  • Vectormagic:- It incorporates some really cool features that includes providing output with richer detail and provides control by allowing to review the result. Settings can also be adjusted in terms of detail and color. Though it’s not a free tool, but allows first two free conversions.


  • Px2SVG:- This tool is useful while converting a raster image into an SVG. The PHP script draws filled rectangles to create 8-bit view of the original image using color-run enhancements.


Every extra node path, piece of meta information and decimal points on the website adds to the total file size of an SVG. This enhancement  might sometimes seem negligible but when you have multiple SVGs on your site it adds to extra weight. To keep your SVGs neat and prevent them from performance issues of your site, optimization is must. Performance of a website can have huge impact on how you have managed the implementation. Working smartly on SVG can save upto 80% of the file size.

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