What Makes You A Smart UI Designer?

Saurabh Tiwary | 26th April 2016

UI designing is one of the most crucial components of any design project. Almost every other element of graphic design tail around creating interactive UIs that very well justify the design objective and at the same time, remain functional. A UI designer takes into account the overall design perspective and acts as an architect of the functional design unit. So, it is crucial for a designer to familiarize themselves with some technicalities associated with UI design.

.Smart UI Designer


Before you start designing a UI, you must ask yourself the following questions based on the designs that you have previously worked on. Like,


  • Was it easy for you to navigate through the provided information
  • Did you find anything unambiguous or confusing
  • Did you find the UI well justified in terms of the provided information


The  main purpose of an interface is to assist user accomplish their task. And as a UI designer, it’s job of yours to create something that is lucrative. It is essential to understand the mindset of the user, predict what they will expect, and then make the design as user-friendly as possible.


Role Of A UI Designer

Even though you are done with a desktop website or a mobile app, but if it has got a poor UI, it is likely to get lost among millions of competitors on the web. So, majority of your effort while designing should lie around UI design.

It is essential to make a study of few things, like:-


  • Work on colors, study their impact on the target design
  • Know how variation in font or use of typography can affect your design
  • Once the UI design reaches its final stage, make efforts to improve the UI through minor modifications like, making use of flat or material design etc.


UI designers take on the challenge of creating touch points that instantly interface with users as it acts as the building block of most of the online or app-driven businesses.


What Skills Do You Need?

Learning as a UI designer is not an easy task. Well, it’s more about art than knowledge. You have to be passionate about it. You have to be creative in yourself. You have to enjoy it as well.


  • You Need A Drive- Having an attitude to learn, create and discover is what a UI designer should have.
  • You Are A Team Player-Yes, this is something that makes a UI designer distinct. You may have your own ideas but it might not work well unless you seek reviews from your team members.
  • You Take Care of People’s Interest- All of your work must fulfill the need of the end user. Your effort is a waste if it is unable to perform what it was intended for.


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