A Detailed Introduction of White Space Usage To Improvise Designs

Bhuvan Verma | 27th June 2019

Today in this competitive world content plays a very crucial role and design is a big part of it.

Is the user able to grasp the content, how much content are they able to take in and is clearly understandable to them without giving much of a load?

So, designing is our tool to get rid of that stress we face while reading and consuming the content we read, and for that, we would be using white spaces how white spaces would going to play a crucial role in grasping power.

Let’s just start!

By the term ‘white space’, you might jump to empty sidebars(or columns) mixed up with the content that is present in the center. Whitespace is also referred to as negative space. It also indicates to the empty region around the images or other elements on the page or spacing between characters in the title and content. It actually is the space between the columns either paragraph or visuals that gives the breathing space for the eyes of the user.

It is important to have white space on the website. It gives a polished look to the site if done properly. It is the most overlooked and underutilized element that is capable of making a great layout.


Advantages of using White space:

  1. Readability: It enhances the readability as using white space between the paragraphs, making them understand what they are reading. As when the user lands on your site, he should be able to see where he is going and give him the reason to read. This will end up in good user experience.
  2. Highlight CTAs: It is important to make the CTAs stand out, and the common way to highlight it is to make it bigger. The whitespace can be most effective if the item surrounds it, you can make the buttons or images bigger.
  3. Maintaining Balance: Little or too little white space may create confusion and unreliability and it may be difficult for the user to search for any reason to be on your site. On the contrary, too much whitespace leads to losing the concentration of the user. The main point is to balance the usage of white space, which can help in separating chunks of content for improved user experience.


White space creates harmony and it can be used to create directions from one element to another. The main goal is to make the design look simple and to deliver the information to the end-users.

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