Choosing Rounded Buttons to Build Web Interfaces

Ankur Kushwaha | 22nd August 2019

Compulsion With Round Corners

If you see rounded corners are more attractive than sharp corners and are also more recognizable.

Why is it that?

It is because of the smoothness that gives the soft feeling having very few edges or hard angles to be found. This “smoothness” not only speaks fluently with usability but also encourage the emotional connection between the user and the device.

For example: Let’s take the iPad for instance. Apple always keeps in mind that when they create a device, it should feel like it grew on a tree rather than assembled in a factory. Nature stores smoothness in its product, factory produced products do no carry smoothness but rather are sharp. Therefore, leading UI UX Design Studios ensure that interfaces combine frictionless design elements to provide a seamless and intuitive user experience. 


Rounded Corners can be recognized easily

It is easy to recognize the rounded corners of a rectangle as compare to the sharp-cornered rectangle because rounded corners reduce the cognitive load.

To acknowledge the visual distinction, distinguishable edges of the corners of the cards guide are our eyes. In contrast, cards with sharp edges look comparable and merged from one another, which is less probable to attract our attention.

As for example, we can compare Pinterest and Google. Pinterest looks more spacious, whereas Google images panel always looks cluttered.


Usability Cons

Although overusing the rounded corners in your design is not such a good idea. Fully rounded buttons are excellent in interfaces that have adequate spaces.

Full rounded buttons can cause usability issues sometimes. Round corners with less available space can be hard to click on. This might look good from a UI perspective but when it comes to usability they won’t be useful. To make it effective to work on, one must avoid full rounded corners.


Rounded Corners release warmth and trust

There are many designers who call them “friendly rectangles” due to such reason. It can be said that this the main reason why many CTA’s (Buy Now and Sign Up button) are designed this way. It makes customers feel welcomed and happy about doing business with the brands.

It can be observed that the natural movement of our eyes is accustomed to curves. Sharp corners generally break the attention of the path when it changes direction abruptly.


Create’s Emphasis

As unique shapes always stand out, they can directly gain attention to the different parts of the screen.

The combination of a round floating button and curved shape at the bottom of the app bar stands out from the rectangular shapes anywhere on the screen.



Rounded corners have the ability to keep things aligned with nature and look beautiful. Fully rounded corners are not recommended though. You should know these tips being a web designer and to work professional Ui Ux design studio.


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