Why Content is Crucial for UI/UX Designer

Anuj Bisht | 30th March 2019

Content is very crucial for any kind of design whether it is Web design or mobile app design or any kind of graphics work, content always plays a crucial role while creating the design.

Why is it so Important?

This is important because when the designer start designing or start doing his/her task we have to design according to the contact, If we talk about the website then in all the sections we need content because of the image we use in the banner part, or even we create a service section there are icons needs to be show also needs content. When we use a bold statement or we can say bold line we also have to take care of the icon we are using or graphics we are creating.


Value of website content

Great content touch the heart of the user as well as the client. If the content is strong enough to impact the user then it’s a responsibility of a UI/UX designer to create the same impact through the graphic or user experience part. Whenever I start doing the design I always looking for the real content so that I can create a good design in a single attempt.

Benefits of good content

If the content is good then the SEO of the website is also very easy to do or very effective too. On the other side, the design and graphics play his role in creating an impact on the user, so together both will create a market value of your product. If we use both the thing very gently then the productivity will remain good from both the ends.

The negative part of the content

If we are using dummy content in the first phase of our designing then lot many things comes as a negative part.

Example: Let say we are using a dummy content the designers are using the reference and using the icons, banners or graphics according to the dummy content, and the content writer writes the real content after making the design by the designer. Now what the situation is, the designer needs to update the content as well as the icons, banner or graphic if needed, but the basic structure is disturbed already or sometimes other things also got disturbed. So we have to take care of content as well as the design both are crucial respect to each other.


Content is important for UI/UX designer, not just because of the productivity or designing or something, It is important because of the product in which we are working, content should be strong enough to create a positive impact on the users and also helps you to market. If you keep this in mind then it will definitely help you a lot. Always try to create a positive vibe while working so that you enjoy your job or love whatever you are doing.

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Anuj Bisht

I am an experienced UI/UX designer, Responsible for creating the sketch, wireframe, prototype, and visual mockups. apart from that, I like traveling and singing.

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