Why Do Logo Design Prices Vary Significantly?

Saurabh Tiwary | 12th August 2016

When you look for a logo designer, it is often a big challenge to search out for any trusted logo design company having sound experience to portray your brand’s identity at a price that is in accordance with your defined budget. The price of designing a logo varies tremendously from one branding company to  another. There might be a number of obvious causes. It is also likely that  even with no specified fees or guarantee, you might arrive at the outcome you have been wondering.

Why Does Logo Design Price Vary

Having said that, the key objective of this article is to focus on the business owners and marketing personnels who anticipate their company’s logo design to be out of the box. Here, we shall look at some of the factors that influence the pricing of your logo design.

Logo Design Requires Research

In case your logo designer who is setting up your business doesn’t perform the research based on the type of firm, take it for granted that the designer lacks the demanded skills of logo design. For any logo design project, research is a  very critical phase in branding of any company or creating a logo. You will come across a number new clients who get disappointed after handing over the project to someone whose ideas do not pan out. Here we list some common issues:-

  • The designed logo did not actually connect to the brand personality or with audience.
  • The design of the logo in many cases appeared to be similar to their competitor’s design.
  • The new design was already being used on numerous apparels and had a trademark conflict.
  • The design of the logo didn’t look promising or appealing


The Expertise Level

Having 15 years of experience in logo designing won’t assure that a graphic designer will come up with a great logo design. Although a graphic designer may specialize in editorial design, however, a logo design is an entirely different department which is a kind of special art form. Some of the inexperienced designers may struggle and end up with poor design. Additionally, it is crucial to thoroughly review the portfolio of the logo design company as well as designers to examine whether they meet the required standards.


Logo design looks very simple and inexpensive task. However, one should not take it so leniently. The factors that we discussed above play  key role in determining the cost of a logo design. So, you must bring a proper balance between your budget, the level of expertise and the requirement.

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