Why Google Introduced Material Design?

Saurabh Tiwary | 4th May 2016

Whenever Google brings out a new technology or a feature, the priority is always given to the interest and comfort level of the users. In the year 2014, they introduced a new intuitive design language named as Material Design that proved to be a great boon as it provides user the ability to interact with different functions on a platform that is seamless.

Google Material Design


The main objective of bringing out Material Design is to provide a platform that is tactile for the users and open doors of creativity for designers. The design ideas of early days were totally based on ink and paper but Material Design drives the ideas to a new level thus by making it magical.

Material seems more realistic with surfaces and edges and incorporates boundless possibilities of introducing advanced and flexible designs.

  • There is a focus on using light and movement and the fundamental elements.
  • A lot of priority is given to the print-based design like use of typography, grid space etc.
  • Emphasis is given on user functionality and design lays stress on primary user focus points.


Material Design Layout

Material Design layout takes into the account many functions from the real world print design and allows advanced feature implementations. Getting familiar with the layout guidelines is significantly useful as it familiarizes users with common design check lists. This ensures a sense of trust between users and the designers associated with same format and guidelines.


Scope For Animation

Material design has better control on the motion of objects that makes their representation more beautiful thus providing the scope for animations.

The primary objective is to provide a balance between the elegance and the physicality of the design with the objects that are being used. By making use of motion design in a strategic manner, it is relatively easy to understand where should designer focus within the application.

Animation is all about transitions but there are a number of ways to enhance the app. Material design also allows adding minute details to the menu icons in a seamless way to bring clarity.


Material Design Focuses On Creating Beautiful Designs With Better Usability

Material Design is not only about graphic enhancement. Instead, the usability of the design is also considered. A good material work must reflect usability features for better outcome. Some of the tiny tools like help button, slide bar information, pop-ups can be efficiently used in accordance with the graphics to boost the usability of the material design works.

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