This Is Why Minimalist Design Are Getting Popular

Saurabh Tiwary | 23rd June 2016

Over the years, design patterns have seen significant improvements and a number of new approaches have come into the existence. Minimalist Design is one of them which has been setting up new trends in the web and mobile designing. It is all about discarding various unimportant components from the website while keeping only the essential ones.

A Minimalist Design is not only about simple design but it has to be compact, logical and well-organized. And that’s the reason why these are very useful. There exists a stable balance between the usability and the consistency which every designer tend to achieve in Minimalist Design.

Minimalist Design

Minimalist Design

There are plenty of websites flooded with useless content on the internet that aids only to the distraction and inconvenience of the user. Minimalist Design is a positive approach towards providing specific, precise and relevant information to the user.


How To Practice Minimalism?

Minimalist Design incorporates a creative understanding of smooth patterns, grids and layers. Here we mention several ways to reduce the content of your website.

  • Put efforts to minimize the content by keeping away from any sort of mess while keeping indispensable stuff
  • 5 navigation pages are considered ideal for Minimalist Design
  • Don’t inundate visitors with too much of bold and complex graphics
  • While working on Minimalist Design, it is often required to avoid any sort of distraction such as Feeds, Social Media etc. so that users must not distract from what you actually want to convey



The Importance Of White Space

One of the major components of Minimalist Design is managing the white space. In order to practice minimalism, the components of the page must encompass sufficient spaces. You might often think that there is a lot to convey, but client always appreciate the design that is simple and not messy. Human eyes often need a break to help them distinguish between content of different pages of your website. That is where white space comes into the play.


Appropriate Alignment

A Minimalist Design follows proper alignment of items present on the website and it should be clear and plain. It demands carefulness as merely a difference of a pixel or two can enhance the visibility and make it striking. Another way to achieve proper alignment is through quality grids and a proper choice of frameworks that is being used.


Importance Of Usability

There should always be a balance between usability and the design as usability always comes first.

  • Make use of links that are easy to use
  • Provide the link of homepage on every page
  • An active ‘Back’ button is must
  • Provide options to close or disable the pop-ups


Logical And Intuitive Navigation

Eventually, the prime objective of a design is to ‘Communicate’. An open and honest communication is often appreciated by the visitors as it ensures that the conveyed message to the point. Usually, the information that is provided to the visitor is misinterpreted, so it is important to practice this approach. So, that’s about a brief idea of how you can practice minimalism.


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