Why Should You Prototype Your Design?

Saurabh Tiwary | 22nd April 2016

Prototyping is an useful approach towards graphic designing which is used to design demos of actual websites and seek user’s feedback during the design process. This is carried out before the final design is released. It is middle to high fidelity design process that is either a paper sketch or interactive design type that helps user, experience how the actual design will look like. Let’s explore why is it essential to prototype your design.



Why Prototyping?

The purpose of prototyping is to familiarize your client with the proposed design. This sets up the agreement between the company and their client on features and functionalities related to the design. Alternatively, it helps the designer to make changes to their design if needed, before the final work is ready.  Few other reasons for prototyping are:-

  • It allows define the website’s layout and structure prior to the final design.
  • It ensures full usability of the website design and helps in usability testing to ensure refined work by the end of the project.
  • In projects with big designing goals, prototyping helps plan and strategize the project and saves time and effort.
  • It helps ensuring the  project work going into the right direction.
  • During any stage of designing, it becomes easy to bring about any modification to the design work.
  • Having a prototype design is very useful for developers as it helps them during the development process.


Prototyping require designers to think and plan for it. However, the time spent in prototyping gets compensated during the project work. But, if you do not want to spend a lot of time in prototyping, just go for rapid prototyping that is very useful for small projects.


Rapid Prototyping

Unlike prototyping, rapid prototyping involves quickly mocking up the system whether it is a website or an application. Rapid Prototyping goes through three process:-


Mocking up the proposed design considering user experience design standard  and specifying functional elements.



Invite users to go through the demo design, evaluate it and provide feedback. This is carried out to ensure whether user is satisfied with the proposed design or not.



This evaluation helps create refined designs and make changes to the existing one if needed.

At Oodles Studio, we have a vast experience and a well built team of expert designers to help our clients with all of their design requirements. Be it dynamic, or static design, we aim to focus on delivering quality web designing services to our clients and ensure full product support.

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