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Aman Gupta | 30th March 2019


Why would someone want to put an additional cost into a product, what are the benefits of placing money on the UX Side? Here I have mentioned some cases, where we can suggest to our clients about the importance of UX. We can explain a few things about business and User eXperience to our clients so that they can feel confident in putting their bet on UX.

Products that address the client’s issues – If your clients are engaged with the structure procedure then your last item should address their issues. That ought to convey an all the more industrially practical offering and in this way larger amounts of benefit for the organization.

Products that require less tinkering after release – It’s less expensive and less demanding to change draws, wireframes, and models than it is to change an item after release. UX empowers an organization to work out what doesn’t work and afterward surrender it before the advancement stage instead of after.

Products which are less dangerous to the business reputation – UX is a quality measure. When you discharge items that clients love to utilize and that address their issues; your business reputation will develop. On the other hand on the off chance that you don’t get things right – your status will fall.

Products which are generally safe to go slow – If you characterize the client’s needs and after that plan in favor of them; there ought to be a fair chance that the product will not go slow further and that makes it simpler to the spending plan for an undertaking and to characterize a conveyance timetable.

Products which are aggressive – the exploration period of UX implies that you should recognize what contenders are doing and how your item will be “better”. Plan as such depends on the proof and not on the “gut senses” of the advancement group.

So let’s start with 3 basic things about UX. When we start a project from scratch we need to know about these things

1) User research in User Experience Design – By doing user research we as a UX designer can identify our target group of people and identify their problems and needs much better.

2) Usability in User Experience Design – Usability comes prior than the look and feel of the product. If a product is usable and it solves a user need people will no matter use it, It’s a sure shot win.

3) ROI in User Experience Design (Return on Investment) – Return on investment in user experience means if we put our money in the user experience of a product what return we are getting out of it.


In order to get the best ROI from investment on User Experience we must take care of 3 things: User Research, second is Usability and third is ROI. When we start taking care of these three measures of User Experience Design our product starts to grow with much less issues because we get an initial idea what is our user base and what about their behavior, When I say Usability that means if a product is usable and it is easy for a person to use, It is used much often than a product which has a better UI. By UI I mean look and appearance.

The product can be anything, not a website or an app it could be a smartwatch or a room heater too. We do user research so we can know about people’s needs and wants and their expectations from the product. After taking care of User Research and Usability we start earning profits from it because we stay ahead from the competitors by following the UX approach. This earning is our Return on Investment in UX. So next time you start a project from scratch keep this thing in mind and you will see that your product will have a better start than others and see yourself way ahead from them.


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