Wireframe | An Important Part in Design Process

Sukhmani Kaur | 31st December 2018

Developing an app or web has a vital role in wireframe and prototypes. It basically helps to freeze on the scope of the project and give a better insight into the project at initial stages.


Web prototyping saves the cost of any project’s communication that may be necessary to undo a bad user experience and not up to the marking functionality. Creating prototype before development gives
a quality check to the project and the goals to achieve for the product.


The designer doesn’t have to reinvent the same in every design (wireframe). The common elements of the wireframe must be added to give the visitor a clear bright image. Illustrating layout of a web image is wireframe design.


It is designed with different shapes (e.g. diamond, oval, box) to signify navigation, content, and functionality. It helps HTML coders to wire each screen with connecting link and demonstrating content.

It helps the Visual designer to render hierarchical location of each element and filling up with the potential design.


There is nothing right or wrong way of designing. It revolves around creativity. Many creative people have own way of approaching to exposure of the product. A good design process always gives value to prototype and mockups.


Difference between Wireframe and Visual Design


The clients wish to see visual designs in the development process early. One most important reason is to save money. Why spend time on graphics before the information design is complete?


Equally important are the colors, fonts and other graphical elements can invoke the responses like emotional and psychological responses (“I hate this blue”; “I love that purple”) which distracts us from the task of determining the best information design for the page.


A wireframe lets focus on what’s important at this step: a simple and clear understanding what goes on each page, where it goes, and why it goes there so that you can achieve the best possible overall balance and structure for each page. A wireframe is a simple representation of sketch of the page-layout idea. The sketch can be hand-drawn on paper or on the computer using an illustration application. Any of the methods is fine, as long as
it clearly communicates the ides.


The information design evolves as wireframe diagram change, which will incorporate results from the usability test at the end of this step, to reflect the placement of elements in the page that meets the user needs. Making the information
design flexible at this stage will help to create a positive brand experience over the long term.

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Sukhmani Kaur

I like thinking and creating solutions to the problems which user encounter in their journey while running an application. Creating a simple, eye catchy and user engaging things is my motto while designing.

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