5 Endless Wireframe Tools For Mobile Apps Design

Saurabh Tiwary | 5th September 2016

Designing a website wireframe is like setting up a road-map to the entire design project. Design experts believe that a pen and a piece of paper is all you need to draw a mobile or website wireframe. However, some designers are not well-versed with their drawing skill using a pen and pen and therefore, rely on certain tools to come with some useful tools to help them design with actual measurement.

5 excellent Wireframe Tools For Mobile Apps Design (1) Mobile Wireframes are more or less similar to the website wireframes, however, the specifications may be contingent on the factors that distinguish a mobile app from a website. The attributes may rise and fall as the difference in the attributes specified to a website or a mobile UI. When we talk about employing a mobile wireframing tool, there is a huge list comprising of numerous tools. Despite of this large list, we need to put our hands only on a few handy mobile app wireframe tools.

In the wireframe design process, it is very crucial that everyone, from designer to developer to stakeholders as well as the users to involve in the process and note their feedback. A website or mobile app wireframe basically acts as a blueprint for designers, developers, architects and and everyone who are the part of the project. 

 Here, I mention some of the evergreen tools that can serve you in designing wireframes for apps.

Top Wireframe Tools

1. Fluid

If you have trouble visualizing the design flow of your mobile apps, Fluid UI is one of the highly preferred  wireframe tools to help you out. Known as a an enchanting tool for designing interactive prototypes, Fluid UI lets you create wireframes for a number of mobile platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows.

2. Mockingbird

This is an excellent online tool that I consider as one of the top endless mobile app wireframing tools. Mockingbird lets you create, collaborate and preview your app design. Additionally, it also enables sharing of all the mockups for your application. Through Mockingbird, you can drag and drop bunch of UI elements on a page including rearranging and resizing them so that you can create a functional mockup within a few minutes.

3. Indigo Studio

If you want to get rid of coding, then Indigo Studio is the right choice for you. Indigo Studio is  one of the best mobile wireframe tools that can be used for creating animated as well as fully functional UI prototypes. Also they do not need writing of even a single line of code. It also enables you to design storyboards for real-world applications followed by building the application design interactions and integrating it with the storyboards.

4. UX Pin

UXPin is a well-known, handy and endless tool effective in creating web-based clickable prototypes as well as mockups. It can be utilized as a complete tool-kit that consists of numerous design elements and design patterns for building great mobile app wireframe tools for designs . UX Pin comes with a very useful feature of responsive drag and drop interface that helps you create wireframes and prototypes for a wide range of devices having different screen sizes and resolutions.

5. Axure

When you are about to initiate the creation of interactive UI mockups and wireframes, Axure should be the right choice for you. Well-known as a zero coding tool for wireframing websites and applications, Axure incorporates all sorts of documentation tools required for making design choices and documenting the designs.

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