Wireframing, An Indispensable Design Process

Saurabh Tiwary | 5th August 2016

It is a very well known fact that designing a wireframe for mobile or a website for any design project eases your effort of designing. However, a number of designers do not give much importance to the wireframe design process, considering it as a usual ineffective practice.  But, it’s not true. Having a wireframe design is very crucial for any web design project, be it a small or s large. Here, we shall look at some major advantages of having a website wireframe.

Wireframing, An Indispensable Design Process

The Design Process

  1. Wireframes Represents Website Architecture visually

The sitemap of the website is likely to be conceptual which are very large. Driving the sitemap to the wireframe starts the first visual design process. Wireframes help you ease the flow chart without any ambiguous distractions. This procedure makes sure that all the parties have a common point of view on the project.

  1. Wireframes Clarifies The Website Functionality

In some of the cases, clients might not be clear with your technical explanation of the website functionality and various features or visual elements. Wireframes specify the project features of a website providing clear communication to the client about how certain feature will function.

  1. Wireframes Takes Usability To The Next Level

This is one of the major advantages of the wireframing process as wireframes drive usability to the forefront by representing the page layouts at their core. It allows everyone to visualize objectively how easy a website is to use, how the naming of links is to be done, what are the navigation options etc. Wireframes can indicate the flaws in your site architecture or a specific feature.

  1. Wireframes Ensures Ease Of Updates

For every client who owns a content managed website, updating of content is very crucial. A wireframe ensures immediate evaluation of how well your site will manage the content. For an instance, for an e-commerce design, it is often required to keep your content updated depending on the product demand. So, in that case, planning through a wireframe design helps your task easily done.

  1. Wireframing Saves Time

  • Wireframing saves time in a multitude of ways.
  • The design has a better specification.
  • The development team is very well aware of what they are building.
  • Creating content is comparatively easier.
  • It will help you get rid of any complications during the carrying out of the project.
  • As all the members taking part in the project are on the same page, everything remains transparent about what the website is supposed to do and how will it function.



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