Misconceptions About Administrating a WordPress Website

Saurabh Tiwary | 17th August 2016

Whenever a business owner or a marketing professional makes use of some kind of CMS such as WordPress for managing content of their websites, they are likely to come across a number of questions. Lack of proper training can often lead to some kind of disasters. I came across a youtube video where a WordPress user revealed how mishandling of WordPress website account led him to lose entire content of his website. The same thing may happen to any one of us who try to take over the WordPress-built websites without technical skills.

Misconceptions wordpress website

Today, a large number of websites are developed on WordPress open source content management system. It has now proven to be a fantastic tool to build and manage websites. In addition, there are huge amounts of plugins that allow adding of a large number of features with no web programming knowledge to customize them.

Since WordPress Website a widely preferred as WordPress is a popular CMS, this article is an effort to clarify some of the misconceptions that website administrators may have in regard to using WordPress.

WordPress Website Misconception

It’s easy to upgrade to the newest version of WordPress

One of the most exciting features of WordPress Website is that updates and new versions are openly and regularly available. You will find a colored alert box at the top of your dashboard where you will get immediate notifications whenever a new update is available. In many cases, older plugins or custom codes might not be compatible with the new WordPress version. If you upgrade to the new version, some of the features may not function correctly showing some error messages.

It’s comparatively fast to add and modify content

In fact, it is a true statement .However, there are several other considerations that a number of WordPress Website managers are deprived of. The major problem that persists is while copying a formatted Word document and pasting it to the visual editor for new page. The process actually causes ancillary code to be added producing text with inconsistent formatting.

In addition, a well designed and coded theme shares all predetermined text and image formatting which available in the “Format” drop down menu by default. This is also applicable in case of images and other graphical content.

Modifying your design to a new theme will change everything

There are hundreds and thousands of themes as well as design templates  for WordPress users to enhance their designing creativity. Many of those are free to use but there are a variety of paid templates ranging from acceptable to the terrible ones. At Oodles Studio, when we design WordPress websites for our clients, we aim to build a custom theme that delivers a great user experience to customers.

It’s easy to move pages around

WordPress lets you move your content around fairly easily. However, there are some limitations. If your website design is well planned, moving pages is not always required. However, in many cases, some elements need to move. When we talk about moving pages, WordPress is able to make this  process by allowing you to select a dropdown item.

One thing that should always be kept in mind  is to remember the URL structure for that page and or any other page on the site that are linked to it as moving a page can alter the URL structure and result in broken links. Such broken links can affect Google and other search engines to penalize your website based on pagerank. WordPress solve this problem by creating proper redirects from the old URL to the newly generated URL. So, we can conclude that in WordPress, moving pages around is quite easy, however, you must be careful while doing this.

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