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Posted By : Aditya Kumar | 26-Mar-2020


User Experience and Brand identity are both important

Both disciplines are research-heavy: User Experience and branding involve research that includes user personas, quantitative and qualitative research, and User journey maps.


But how do they differ?

User experience is typically about the soul of a product. Branding is about the soul of happiness.



A brand is a subjective perception of value based on the sum of a person’s experience with a product or company that ultimately influences that person’s sentiments and decisions in the marketplace.


User Experience 

As a user’s experience of the company, product, or services. Total-experience should encompass all elements of a UX design along with more classical elements of brand design. The visual design of a product is a translation of the brand’s language to the interactive digital world

UX Shapes a positive brand experience 

A Branding can inform UX and UX can define a branding

Customer Experience is now considered a key metric to live brand success. As for UX designer’s when performing on a brand that has already been defined, you ought to bake it into the user experience

On way to start connecting branding with UX is to apply brand attributes to interaction. Disney is one of the examples of how they use their brand attributes to inform their interaction.

Disney Brand attributes: Magical, Playful, Charismatic

A magic brand is one of the examples that Disney applies brand attributes through UX. At the resort, the MagicBrand doubles as a room key, ticket, and itinerary master. More intriguingly, the MagicBrand also functions as a payment device. With a tap, souvenirs and dining purchases are logged and changed to your guest room.


How to combine Brand and User Experience

Combining branding and user experience starts with a firm understanding of both the brand and the users. In addition, to provide a streamlined experience for the user, the communication between the brand team and user experience are indispensable.


User Experience is a brand, differentiators

Brands that choose to address an unmet user need at the core of their business are regularly disrupting industries by focusing on user experience. Specifically, on unmet users, needs as a brand differentiator and succeeding in oversaturated markets by doing so. Example: Uber, Airbnb, and Netflix


User Experience is a key to branding

Today's brand is viewed as the total of experience while the user interacts with the brands. Every opportunity a user gets to interact with the brand is an opportunity for the business owner to make better brand Image



In this blog, I have mentioned the difference between user experience v/s Brand. I hope you’ve learned something about user experience v/s Brand from this post. Our UX research consultants at Oodles Studio conduct in-depth research about the digital requirements of your business. Our UX research services include User Persona Development, Competitive Analysis Reports, Information Architecture Diagrams, and other UX reports. Talk to our UX/UI design team to build intuitive and effective digital interfaces for your business.


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