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A Real-Time Event Tracking App that Shares Event Contacts and Interactions for a Leading Event Management Company
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Our client is a leading event management company that organizes large-scale corporate and business events. They were experiencing several challenges in keeping a track of their event attendees. The company required an efficient and affordable solution to record attendee information and exchange contact details. We built an application powered by QR code technology that scans contact information, records event details, and filters event interactions. The app has streamlined our client’s business processes and significantly improved their productivity.

Project Requirements
A digital interface that enables tracking of event attendees, details, and interactions accurately and efficiently.
A simple scanner to share and exchange contact information with minimum time and effort.
Unlike manual event tracking methods, the solution should not hinder the team’s routine business tasks and priorities.
Record important event details, developments, and interactions without any miscommunications and omissions. It should guide decision-makers to prepare roadmaps of future events and formulate effective business strategies to accelerate productivity.
Our Work
We developed an event management application that makes accelerates event tracking efforts at a minimal cost.
Our UI/UX team explored the client’s competitive landscape and analyzed the best practices among leading event management companies.
We conducted stakeholder interviews and in-depth UX research to understand the core requirements of event planners and members respectively.
We produced high-fidelity wireframes to understand and define the UI and user flow of the final design.
The above measures enabled us to develop and design a digital mobile application to fulfill our client’s requirement. Our UI/UX team used Adobe Illustrator to build wireframes and the final design.
Key features of the solution are-
Contact Exchange powered by QR code Technology
To enable quick and user-friendly contact sharing, we used QR code technology to build the app’s key functionality. It enables event members to share contact information by simply scanning the QR code of other members. An instant notification updates members about the additions made in their respective contact lists.
New Event Creation Functionality
With the Attenddee app, users and businesses can create new events and add specific contact details for separate events. Any number of changes and additions can be easily made to the created events.
Event Data Tracking Methodology
Our solution also enables businesses to record real-time voice and text notes throughout the event. The notes thus created are displayed in the form of ‘To Do Tasks’ inside the app.
Decision-makers can easily rely on application data to formulate effective business strategies and plan future events. The solution’s event streamlining capabilities enable businesses to focus on other priorities to improve productivity.
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