Functionalities Which Android UI Design Experts Use For Amazing Android App UIs

Bharat | 19th July 2018

Android, a technology owned by a well-known tech company, Google is based on the latest Linux kernel version. This was primarily designed for the smartphones and tablets having touch facility. But later, this technology was used in Android Auto, Android TV’s, Wearable OS etc. It’s a great software which gives amazing and strong features with all the potential to make the UX better. Here I tell you about the features that Android UI design experts use.


Characteristics that help in improving the Android UI design:

Using precise parameters:

It’s very crucial to have a perfect parameter of graph size for particular devices according to their dimension. The Android platform supports various graphics sizes as well as diverse file formats like JPG, JPEG, BMP, PNG, and WebP, etc. Amongst all, JPEG is better than all as per the quality.

Giving Professional look:

We have multiple options to give a professional look to our custom android application by implementing animation schemes and color variation while switching from one app to another app. Buttons of the menu bar should be designed with soft edges instead of pointy edges to get a furnish to look similar to web applications. The holographic styles, drop shadows, 3-D effects should be implemented with great concern and proper lighting concept. For adding consistent values and proper gradients, we use photoshop and graphics editors.

Use of appropriate color and picture combination:

Android user interface must contain tremendous color combination in between background and foreground. For a clear and crisp appearance, it is essential to select the perfect color combinations to make things properly visible. It should be vital to include resources that are specifically customized up to a particular device so that the large size pictures load effectively.

Use of appropriate tools:

Tools which we use for managing hierarchy of application layout will provide a profiling detail that helps in the effective performance of the application. Software development kit holds a number of tools for furnishing the influencing profile to an android application. Traceview is a sturdy tool that debugs and finds crucial issues in the application. Layout tool is also very beneficial in raising the user interface in Android applications.


By using these features, one can raise the speed of the android application which involves some algorithms and various methodologies. These features have the potential to do things at a faster pace which makes the user feel happy while using it.

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