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Reasons Behind The Success Of A Conversational User Interface

Today, everyone knows the importance of UX. UX basically contains an interface that inherent amongst a service and a user. Web designers are using different strategies to make relations between the computer and human more sturdy. A conversational UI is one of the most recent trends in designing market. It emphasizes strengthening the relations of computers with humans. Tech giants like Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook aim to construct a new generation of conversational interfaces.

Evolution of A Conversational User Interface:

A conversational user interface is an interface design that authorizes users to chat with humans and bots. History of Interfaces starts with command line interface, the very first interface built to communicate with machines. Interactions were very straightforward, a user types a command and gets the response. But for interacting with the machine, a user has to be aware of the syntax and use exact command every time. After a long time usage of the command line, the situation changed when Apple and Microsoft introduced a graphical user interface. GUI was based on the concept that it’s better to recognize than recall.

Reasons Behind The Success Of A Conversational User Interface:

Use of computational power:

On comparing earlier devices with today’s devices, there’s a huge difference between computational power. Even smartphones which we are using today are much faster than the computer which we were using many years ago. The technology of the latest gadgets is much advanced than the previous ones, which is one of the main reason behind the success of the conversational user interface.


The contribution of cloud computing:

Today, due to the huge accessibility of the internet everywhere, our devices are connected all the time. It actually means that we can use cloud computing to process a huge amount of information. This also becomes one of the crucial reasons for the success of a conversational user interface.

Use of language processing algorithms:

We have seen many technical updates in the natural language processing. High-end research in speech recognition and artificial intelligence has also contributed to the success of conversational user interface. More research in AI and speech recognition enhances the user experience of the conversational UI at a much higher level.


As we are entering into a new era of computing technology which is full of research and development of artificial intelligence and machine learning. So we can really change the life of users. Due to this, the conversational user interface is coming up as a new mode of communication with devices. Computational power, cloud computing, and use of language processing algorithms are immensely contributing towards the success of conversational user interface.

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