Resourceful Strategies for Effective Ecommerce Branding

Ashutosh Chandra | 18th June 2020

Most businesses know, consumers buy a brand, not a product. In the very crowded space of ecommerce, branding assists in cutting through the noise to differentiate your business. For a new business owner, however, they might wonder about where to start. But, with effective brand design services, businesses can easily begin their journey. The aim is to brand your business in a way that is unique while also driving sales. 

In this blog, we will look at the steps to build a successful brand for your ecommerce company.


Steps to build a successful brand for an eCommerce store:

Developing Your Brand Identity


effective branding strategies

Brand identity is how your brand presents itself to the world. Brand identity includes pieces of a brand like logo, branding guide, and the unique selling proposition (USP) for products or services.

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Tips for developing the initial parts of your brand:


  • Logo


effective branding strategies

Developing a simple and effective logo can be a surprisingly daunting process. But, with logo design services, businesses can avail industry appropriate designs as well as other initial brand collateral.


  • Branding guide


effective branding strategies

This defines the color palette, typography, and overall theme and style to use in your marketing materials, on your website, and on social media. If there’s already a logo of your liking, then develop these other elements based on that. Collateral design services can assist in creating a resourceful branding guide. But, if your interest is in the DIY route, many online tools make it easy to play with colors and styles. It doesn’t require any professional experience.


  • Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

effective branding strategies

Your brand identity should aim to integrate your USP. It dictates how to talk to your audience on social media and your website. Along with that, it emphasizes on how to present products, and differentiate your brand from others in the market.

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Developing Your Brand Story


effective branding strategies


Your brand story is a narrative that describes the essence of your ecommerce business: your mission or goals, core values, and vision. Most importantly, it enables a customer to connect to the purpose behind your product or service.

The most successful and popular companies in the world have profound stories behind them. They instill a sense of bigger purpose and meaning into what they do. For example, Google, Apple, and Tesla are so much more than companies – they are legacy brands. Great visionaries had created them who aspired to change the world.

To develop your brand story, remember and articulate the reasons for starting your business and what it means.

Establishing Social Media Presence on Relevant Channels


effective branding strategies

Social media platforms offer free access to a broad audience and a way to showcase your ecommerce brand. When it comes to establishing your brand on social media, focus on consistency between platforms, e.g. using the same logo, language, and colors. This is where your brand guide comes in handy.

But first, decide where to spend your time and energy—there are many social media websites, and knowing which are best for your business can be challenging. The key is finding the most relevant platforms for your target audience. Begin by doing a little competitive research on: where are your competitors active?

Next, consider the audience and relevant features to find on each site. For example, research has shown demographic shifts on Facebook: the number of baby boomers using the platform doubled, while the number of teenagers dropped by 20%. On Instagram, around 80% of all Instagram users follow brand accounts. Also, Instagram provides features that enable directing people to your products from the post. So, it can be a good platform to begin spending your time as an ecommerce business.

Personalizing the Customer Experience


effective branding strategies

Customer service might not immediately come to mind when thinking about branding. But offering a unique and personalized customer experience can go a long way in establishing your brand. In fact, most consumers are more likely to do business with a company that provides personalized experiences.

While developing your brand, consider how to personalize the customer experience in a way that speaks to your mission, goals, and overall brand identity. Shopify recommends using branded packaging experiences. It creates a memorable unboxing, which not only offers a positive first impression but also provides shareability via social media. Although this, of course, costs more to produce, but it provides a unique opportunity with your customer. Also, not to mention the free marketing of the potential social share.


Continuously Creating Content


effective branding strategies


Your brand should create all forms of content to stay relevant, including blog posts, graphics, and videos. So, after creating content, it’s critical to promote it among all your channels, to build a brand known for providing value, not just selling.

A strong, value-added content also assists in building connections with your audience. While content, specifically your blog, is a place to share your story and connect with your audience, it’s also a tool to drive leads.



Branding an ecommerce business can feel tedious at times for new owners. Begin slow and be intentional, and take the time to properly develop a focused brand strategy that drives sales and sets your business apart from the competition.

Brand identity design services at Oodles establishes a distinct brand identity with a spectrum of visual design elements. From designing a logo to creating marketing collaterals, their designers are proficient at capturing your brand values.


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