8 Powerful Tips For Effective Logo Design

Manraj sandhu | 8th May 2020

What is a logo? Why is it important you may ask… well, to put it simply. A logo is a brand’s mark. It is that crucial element by which people recognise and associate a product with the company. You could say, once a logo is designed, it is meant to stay the way it is on every artwork and publishing the company makes.


There are 8 things to consider when designing a logo for the client:


1.) Research about the company-

Remember the logo that you design is gonna represent as the face of the client, so it is important that you have a deep understanding of the client. Not only that, but you must also align your mindset with that of the clients’. That means you must know about-

  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Objectives
  • Goals
  • Products
  • Target Audience


2.) Do not follow others

While conducting your research about the competition, you might end up imitating the competition or the hottest trend on the net. While your intentions may be good, you must remember the logo must be designed to stand out and be in sync with the company’s values and not in accordance with what others do or are popular.


3.) Test it with Black and White

As a designer, the first thing that you are taught is that of colour psychology and the importance it holds in bringing life. However, when designing a logo, we urge you to start with black and white. Why? While the colours are great, but they can be confusing for the client. There is always a chance that the colours chosen might end up getting your design rejected. So, once your design for the logo has been approved by the client, only then start with the colours.


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4.) Must fit in every scenario

Remember, the logo that you design will be placed on everything, from social media designs to print collaterals. The point that we are trying to make is, there are some logos that might look great in a particular dimension but fail in others. It is therefore crucial that you test the flexibility of the logo before sharing it with the client.


5.) Be creative

The objective of a logo is to stand out. It is therefore important that you make your logo a bit creative… possibly one that is unique in design and tells a bit of story or has an element that defines the company.


6.) Be minimalistic

While we may have mentioned how you must also try to incorporate a story in the logo in the above point, that does not mean the logo has to get complicated. In this era of entertainment and distraction, you must strive to design a logo that is simple, unique and feature-driven. Try searching for logos like- Amazon and Fed-ex.


7.) Concept driven

A conceptual logo will most certainly gain you brownie points. Make sure that the logo you design has a concept behind it, Client’s appreciated a logo which has a meaning behind it.


8.) Observe and improve

Try to scroll through what the pro’s in the industry have created. Observe their style and try to improve on the design.

When you’ve got your logo, you’ve built the perfect foundation for all your company needs’ branding material—whether it’s company cards, packaging design or web design. Avail our logo design service, and give your company a new identity.


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