Infinite Scrolling | Advantages and Disadvantages

Kritika Jain | 30th March 2019

What is best to use- infinite scrolling or pagination for my content? Some Designers are still not certain which strategy to decide while providing responsive web design services. Every strategy has its qualities and shortcomings and in this article, we’ll diagram the two techniques and choose which one we should use for our Project.

Infinite Scrolling

Infinite scrolling is a procedure that allows clients to look through an enormous piece of content with not a single end goal. This procedure basically continues refreshing a page when you look down it.

Benefits of Infinite Scrolling

 #1: User Engagement and Content Discovery

When you use Scrolling as your prime strategy for exploring the information, it might make the client remain longer on your website page, thus increase engagement. It is an essential aspect of  UI/UX design and development services.

You may gauge the advantages of limitless looking with the example of a Facebook news feed. By choosing infinite scrolling, Facebook providing much more information to the users.

 #2: Scrolling is Better Than Clicking

Users have better experiences with boundless scrolling rather than clicking/tapping. The mouse wheels or touchscreens make Scrolling quicker and easier than clicking.

#3: Scrolling is Good For Mobile Devices

Web design services work best for mobile phones and mobile sites. The fonts and layout within the mobile are smaller, hence the user may find it difficult to click them.

Pitfalls of Infinite Scrolling in responsive web design services

#1: Page Performance and Device Resources

For good user experience, it is very important to have speedy page loading. Many types of research have shown that slow load times cause for low conversion rates as people leave your site or delete your app. And that’s not a good sign for those who use an infinite-scrolling.

 #2: Item Search and Location

Another issue with boundless looking over is that when users get to a specific point in the stream, they can’t bookmark their location and return to it later. In case if they leave the site, they’ll lose all their progress and will have to scroll down again to a get back to the same point. Thus majorly affecting UI/UX design and development services.

#3: Irrelevant Scroll Bar

Another irritating thing is that scroll bars don’t reflect the actual amount of available data. You’ll look down cheerfully expecting you are near the bottom,  which by itself tempts you to scroll down that little bit more to find your desired result.

#4: Lack of a Footer

Footers exist for a reason: they contain content that the user now and again needs — if Users can’t find something or they need extra information, they regularly go there. But since the feed scrolls infinitely, more information get stacked when user achieve the base, driving the footer out of view without

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