Minimalist Designs | The science of designing more with less

Shalini Tyagi | 21st May 2019

Minimalism is the act of living with less or minimum resources. The objective of minimalism is to declutter your living space and narrow your focus on the prevalent needs and priorities. The art of minimalism has become a source of inspiration for digital designers from the early 2000s. Modern-day UI/UX design and development services are all influenced by minimalist designs. They appear in the form of various everyday design trends such as flat design, large image background, and hidden global navigation. However, it is critical for designers to study the brand’s image and the site’s content before considering a minimalist design strategy.


This blog post highlights essential design elements to create minimalist design patterns for UX design services.   


  • Be Restricted

The first and the most effective way to minimize is by trimming the site’s content. Business services and objectives are ideally presented in a precise and structured framework. Overflow of content not only confuses the user but also spoils a brand’s chances to establish a distinct online presence.

For instance, while drafting the ‘About Us’ section over your brand’s site, consider applying Twitter’s 140-character rule to your content piece. Furthermore, exercise self-control with regards to typefaces and colors. Limit your color palette to a couple of principle colors combined with a couple of complementing colors. Moreover, don’t utilize multiple typefaces; two is perfect.


  • Focus on Details

Every detail over the page should have a purpose. Providers of web design services should not stuff design elements or content for merely filling empty spaces over the site. The brand’s message should follow a “what-why-how” strategy. It is critical to include all meaningful information concerned with the brand’s relationship with its audience within this framework. UX designers should trace the undercurrents of the brand with minimal graphics and visuals.


  • Provide a lot of space  

Minimalistic designs are attributed to lots of free space. Minimalistic websites should place the most significant branding components under the spotlight by removing all other unnecessary design elements. The central idea, service, or product should not be surrounded by distracting design elements. The whitespace around the brand’s main message enables visitors to narrow their focus and easily understand what is stated.  

The principle of whitespace in minimalistic design holds equal importance in mobile app design services. Instead of including additional frames, mobile UX designers can use whitespace as a clean and minimalist border for the site’s content. Therefore, it is an effective design trend since mobile phones already have limited space. Hence, minimum content derives smooth user navigation and enhanced user experience.


  • Color Needs Purpose

Color contrasting techniques are the best practice for websites based on minimalistic designs. Select a color palette with not more than 3 color shades that are used in a consistent and subtle manner. Consequently, tints and color shades should be used in a way that reflects the brand’s personality. An over-dramatic color palette increases the bounce rate and infects the entire process of UX design services.    


  • Think About Type

Typography is another crucial design element for businesses using minimalistic designs. The methodology for typography should be basic and direct.

Sans serif typefaces are a well-known alternative in this style of tasks, as is finished or under-sized typography. Type is the essential realistic component and an exaggeration of size can convey center to text styles. Sans-serif typeface is a favorite among digital designers. However, script typeface can also be considered for creative and lifestyle businesses.


  • Conclusion- Minimalist designs in UI/UX design services

When it comes to minimal design, only use elements that contribute to readability and usability. Everything else is just a decoration.


Oodles Studio provide UI UX design and development services for websites, mobile sites, and mobile applications. Our UX designers are effective at using flat, minimalist and parallax design trends for building effective digital designs. Talk to our design team for building web interfaces that achieve business milestones creatively.


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