Designing the Modern Web: Few Simple Truths to Solve Bigger Digital Challenges

Ashutosh Chandra | 27th July 2020

Designing and developing for the web has always been a moving target. Browsers and technologies have been perpetually changing requiring constant evolution of skill set. But there are still some overarching truths that remain.

In this blog, we will look at the most commonly overlooked challenges that designers face while designing for the modern web. We need to consider those challenges more deeply as we continue to define the future of web design practice. Now, let’s begin.

A prototype is not a finished site


Designing the Modern Web: Few Simple Truths to Solve Bigger Digital Challenges

One of the reasons prototyping has become so important is designers can take visual and UX decisions rapidly. They can take decisions without any knowledge of the code that is necessary to build a site or web product. On the one hand, this is great because strategic and visual problem solving is decoupled from the actual build enabling non-developers to explore the possibilities. But the down-side is that there remains a separation between what a prototype can accomplish and what a real platform or product must accomplish. As long as prototypes are separated from the code and engineering that actually form its creation they will never ever be the same. There will always be a gap between the idea and the reality.


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Attention to detail is as important as the big idea

For any given responsive web experience, the number of parts and pieces that need clear user experience definition, visualization, and implementation can be extraordinarily large. Defining, creating, and documenting these to ensure a cohesive experience requires an inherent love of detail. Depending on the flavor of a designer, they may hate the fussy nature of web design. They may just want to design a big idea. For the best web designers, beauty, sophistication, ease of use, and a love of detail are a complete and interrelated package.

A website can’t do everything


Designing the Modern Web: Few Simple Truths to Solve Bigger Digital Challenges

The internet has become a humongous place today. Billions of sites doing billions of different things for different reasons. Some designers and clients love cataloging all of the specific design, content, UI, and UX moments they see on the web. They catalog them thinking it may serve as a reference for future website experiences. This is a great impulse. To add to this, websites such as Dribbble are also great for inspiration. They have become a space to showcase idealized UX animation approaches. Those approaches can make sites and apps look way cooler than they can be in reality. Much of this inspiration finds its way into project mood boards. They are of great assistance while working to align on creative approaches and to get people excited. For all of this great inspiration and reference, we know that designers can’t make a website do everything we see on the web all at once.

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Form and content are not the same things

A website is only as good as the information within it. Over the last two decades, this basic concept still remains the most challenging for clients to understand. Some people still have a hard time grasping the idea that no amount of good design can improve bad content. Developing well-crafted information that includes impressive content, photography, video, illustrations, and audio is the essential baseline for great site experience.

A gap of great developers and designers

The web would not function as a contemporary communication medium unless those smart developers cared intensely about their work. There have never been enough real good developers on this planet. We always need more. In the case of designers, we may have too many good formal designers in the world. But not enough amazing designers that also know how to work with developers in an integrated and nuanced way. When great developers and designers work in an integrated and nuanced way, they make great experiences.



Nothing stays the same in today’s web, things upgrade with time. Designing and building for the web will always be a fluid evolutionary vocation. Nothing really stays the same and new things are always on the horizon. So, always be prepared for the new changes to see and create. Contact Oodles web design services for more assistance.

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