Most Significant UX Elements for an Ecommerce Store

Ashutosh Chandra | 9th June 2020

The First Impression

First impressions are critical for online stores. It’s because customers can easily click on the “x” and reach another alternative company that sells identical products. Therefore, your homepage needs focus. It requires a value proposition. Here, it’s wise to share how your company is different from the hundreds of others online. Your first impression is bound to improve when there’s a combination of simplicity and call to action items.


Most Significant UX Elements for an Ecommerce Store

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Credibility and Customer Satisfaction


Most Significant UX Elements for an Ecommerce Store

Ask yourself if your homepage features any testimonials. If not, then how to build credibility among your customers? Also, if your product pages don’t have ratings and reviews then how are your customers going to see which of the items are best?

Collection of Filterable Items

Big ecommerce platforms generally offer collections of items to guide user tendencies. For example, they feature a grid with the most popular men’s shirts or recommended products based on past customer experiences.

The goal here is to allow for filtering and comparing when users look at these grids. It’s because the galleries and collections of products are just suggestions. Once the user decides to continue with the preset galleries, the filtering and comparison tools come into play.


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Bringing users back

The average documented online shopping cart abandonment rate currently is around 70%. This is rather high, and it shows that the most successful companies are not those that rely on first-time visitors.

Essentially, customers need to be groomed before they start purchasing from your company. So, a system is required to bring back abandoned cart users, bounced customers, and even those who have paid for items in the past.

Some tactics for this include:

  • Email marketing software
  • Receipts with specials
  • New offers
  • Social media promotions
  • Contests
  • Sales with countdown timers
  • Free shipping for a certain amount of product bought

Offering Quick Customer Service Tabs

First impressions are great, but these are soon challenged when a question arises from a user. Most customers have some sort of question, it’s wise to have customer service tabs that are impossible to miss.

Companies are prone to leaving customer service links in the footers, or in links crammed into the sidebar. This is no good because the customer doesn’t have time to visit all over your site. Live chat boxes come in handy, and clear support modules are essential in the navigational menus, or anywhere besides the footer.

Fastest Checkout Process

Along with secure checkout, prioritize a fast checkout as well. To begin with, get a solid host and an ecommerce building platform along with fewer redirects and caching. It ensures that the actual speed of the website is up to par. After that, test out with customers to structure how the checkout process goes. An ideal situation would be testing for one-click checkout, so aim for this. However, other elements are also involved such as guest accounts that can improve the number of purchases on the site.     

Pleasant and appealing user experience

Most Significant UX Elements for an Ecommerce Store


Pleasant and appealing user experience is more about how people feel after they have purchased from your ecommerce platform. Let’s say for example, do they have the links in the receipt to contact the customer service team? Is there any quick module for returning items and printing out a return receipt without any hassles? Is there any space for modification to be made on an order before shipping?

UX is an essential element that companies often forget to consider.

Clear and stunning images with quick loading

Photos are something that customers might still want to see even if products seem dull. People would like to see dozens of photos, from close-ups to panoramic shots. A clear high-resolution image further closes the sensory gap between walking into a store and shopping online.


The most significant UX elements for ecommerce are sometimes complex, while other times easy. Changing one or two aspects of UX in your ecommerce platform works effectively and moves your ecommerce business towards success.

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