Tips to being a Successful Designer

Manraj sandhu | 4th May 2020

Some say, designing is an easy process, some, on the other hand, say it is complicated and others believe design to be a culmination of both. While all of the above is actually true, mostly it depends on the type of work required by the client. In this era of eye-catchy design and colours, a good designer is everyone’s requirement. While it is easy to call oneself a designer, however, a successful designer stands above all others. 


If you wish to join the league of successful designers, then here are 5 Tips to help you reach that milestone.

  1. Be Open-minded
  2. Self-Criticism
  3. Make a process
  4. Communicate
  5. Follow the best


Be Open-Minded

This is the first and by far the most important thing to keep in mind. There will come times when you design something and the client would ask you to change the colour, text style or the layout. The important thing is to be open to change and criticism. 

Remember, everyone has a different take on what is beautiful or magnificent, take for example actresses, everyone has a different take on beauty. The important thing is not to get discouraged by criticism, embrace the negative comment and make the necessary changes accordingly.


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When you complete your design, take a step back from it and observe it from a third person’s perspective. This process can help you make add on improvements to the current design. One thing to keep in mind is that design is never perfect, it can always be improved upon.


So, be sure to do a self-evaluation of your finished work. Who knows, what new insights you may achieve when conducting this process


Make a Process


Although there is no particular formula for designing, there is a process which a designer should follow. The process may vary from designer to designer, but here is the basic process every designer should start with-


Brief Understanding  →   Research  →   Discussion  →  Designing


Ensure that you communicate well with your client. The key to a happy client is communication and understanding. When you start giving importance to communication, you will find the client showing appreciation and interest towards your ideas/design. Well, this may not always be the case, but it never hurts to have your client updated with your work and keep yourself in his good books.


Follow the best

In our line of profession, to stay up to date with trendy designs are important. Of course, you may check up on the latest designs on popular sites like Pinterest, it would be helpful if you start following the stalwarts of graphic designs as well. Doing so can help you gain access to a creative mind’s thinking and interest and may also help you come closer to understanding graphic design in a better way.


Following are some sites which you can use to check up on trending designs-

→ Pinterest

→ Dribble

→ Shutterstock

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