A Brief Introduction to User Experience in Digital Designs

Manoj kumar | 24th May 2019

The accessibility of digital designs has evolved significantly with the advancements in UI/UX tools and technologies. The purpose fulfilled by a digital product is to cater to user requirements. The users’ experience of engaging with the digital product’s interface plays a critical role in its design. It directly impacts users’ decision to persist with the product’s interface, navigate, explore, and fulfill their needs. Design professionals provide UX Consulting services to understand users’ needs and preferences to deliver a meaningful user experience.

This blog post briefly highlights the significance of ‘user experience’ in the process of UI designing for achieving maximum user engagement.  


Complexity to Perception

UX design serves a critical role for different types of products and services. The term UXD is used for any product, application, and other web applications.

Since the last decade, technologies have become increasingly complex. The functionalities of applications and websites are now more diverse and intricate. Earlier, websites were full of simple static pages that provided information, but today they are interactive and offer an enriched experience for users.

The key factors for effective UX designs are:

  • Is the application capable of giving valuable insights?
  • Does the user find the site or application simple to use and navigate?
  • Is the user actually deriving any satisfaction by using the site or the application?


What is User Experience (UX)?

In general a sense, user experience refers to how users feel when they use a product or service. The term UX is widely used in the context of responsive web design services,  mobile applications, and UI UX design services. Every instance of human interaction with an object is user experience. However, UX practitioners are more interested in the relationship between humans and computer-based products, such as websites, applications, and systems.


What is a UX Designer?

A UX designer is the person who analyzes users’ experiences while interacting with a product. UX designers apply their knowledge to product development. They ensure that a digital product has easy navigation and users can thoroughly engage with the product’s interface.

UX researchers and designers work together to conduct in-depth research about users’ behavior, expectations, and requirements. The most crucial aspect of UX consulting services begins with analyzing the competitive environment and digital requirements of the project. Likewise, UX designers match these business objectives with their findings about user preferences and motivations to build intuitive and functional designs.


The significance of UX designs

UX designs are an integral aspect of digital projects:

  • Complex projects – The more complicated the project, the more essential UX design is. Too many features handled the wrong way can deter users like nothing else.
  • Digital Startups – You may not find dedicated UX teams in a startup, but UX plays a critical role in their business. Therefore, high-tech startups developing innovative projects need to understand how their users feel even more than established companies do.


Why Does UX Matter?

Almost a century ago, UI UX design services involved a display of plain and simple text along with a few images. Hence, the thought of placing the user at the center of the design was inconceivable. Consequently, a successful website was entirely based on how the designers perceived their own work rather than its user.

However, today users are at the center of product designing processes as the success of digital products depend on conformance to their preferences and motivations.  


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