5 Effective UX Strategies for Serving Your Customer Needs amid COVID-19

Ashutosh Chandra | 23rd June 2020

When it comes to customers and UX, the customer experience begins when they come in contact with your service or product for the first time. Also, it lasts until the customer journey reaches an end. So, as it seems, we must satisfy customer needs on a wide range of touchpoints. In this blog, we will look at how we can improve customer experience and thus meet customer needs. Also, we will look at the effective UX strategies that can fulfill the expectations of your target audience.


Customer needs and their importance

Steve Jobs once told to begin with the customer experience and work backward to the technology. It’s not possible to start with the technology and trying to figure out where to sell it.

Start by understanding your customers’ needs before giving them solutions, to build the whole experience based on their real needs. What is the need to develop UX strategies nobody will use because they actually don’t need it? It is important to know what customers want to achieve and what they want to solve. Work on it by analyzing their behavior in situations as realistic as possible.

What makes customer needs important?


This makes the importance of understanding these needs quite obvious: To satisfy the target audience by simply offering them what they really need. Your business must do this to keep your customers engaged. Loyalty is profit, in the long run, so start by mapping out customers’ real needs.


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5 effective UX strategies to serve customer needs:


Oodles Studio in its UX UI consulting services offers many powerful methods in its user experience projects while serving customer needs as well. They really dig deep into the heads of the people who will use the products or services.

1. Personas

In logical order, first comes creating personas. We use this in almost all our projects. Build fictive personalities based on your product’s or service’s target audience. This great tool assists in gaining more knowledge about your customer’s needs, problems, motivations, and behaviors. It does so by facilitating workshops and brainstorming or “simply” gathering as much data as possible through qualitative and quantitative research.


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2. Customer journey mapping

Next comes customer journey mapping. This method involves mapping out the whole process the customer interacts with from the very beginning – and even before. It’s until when they use the product or service, and even after that, too. It pinpoints different problem areas and other points about how customers feel or what they do at different steps. UX consulting services also assist in developing a great customer journey mapping and support in generating user engagement creatively.


3. Storyboarding

Creating a storyboard is also another great and fun way. It is closely related to customer journeys. With storyboards, it’s easy to visually tell the story of how a customer would go through the process of interacting with your business. Drawing stick figures show the basic activities of the workflow. Also, writing a few words of description assists in predicting the possible outcomes of interacting with the product or service.


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4. Wireframing and prototyping

A wireframe is a basic layout of a website or application and consists of paper sketches. Consider prototyping its advanced version which includes more interaction and details. It’s very useful in building digital products and works perfectly for services as well.

5. Usability testing

When a prototype ready is for use, the next thing to do is a usability testing. In usability testing, we test the product or service functionality and its ease of use. By gathering the insights, we can iterate and make the prototype a lot better. After meeting user or customer needs, we can begin the implementation. Identifying and understanding customer needs forms a strong basis for continuously improving the product or service.


Customer experience always brings customer needs closer to user experience. Understanding this, we could have a deeper insight into what UX strategies exactly we can use when working on the needs of customers.

UX research consultants at our UX research services can assist in developing a granular understanding of your target audience’s needs, challenges, and motivation with contextual user interviews and surveys. 

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