7 Tips for an Effective Landing Page Design

Ashutosh Chandra | 7th August 2020

Businesses on a global scale have moved their marketing campaigns online. In the online marketing campaigns, landing pages play a very significant role. It assists businesses in creating effective marketing strategies for promoting products and services. A landing page is an important component in the design and development process. The main aim of a landing page is to entice visitors and drive them further down the conversion funnel.

In this blog, we will understand how landing page design services create a compelling and flawless landing page design. We will look at the ways web design services design landing pages that are effective enough to convert visitors. So, let’s begin.


Here are the 8 tips for creating an effective landing page

1. Provide Content Tactfully and To The Point

Keep the content on your landing page to the point. Highlight your unique value proposition (UVP). Deliver your content based on your products & services only. There are only approximately eight seconds to convince users that your offer is worth pursuing. Excessive information can overwhelm visitors and make them leave the page immediately. Speak to your audience using plain language and tell them how your products & services can make their lives better.

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Here are the top 5 highest converting text elements:


  • Heading

The heading is the first text that your visitors see. It’s one of your first opportunities to influence your conversion rate. So, in your heading ensure to clearly state the biggest benefits that your product offers. Also, tell your visitors exactly what they can get on your landing page.

  • Subheading

The most effective landing pages indicate what they are offering with the heading. With the subheading, they further explain the offer and share the Unique Value Proposition (UVP). Subheadings may showcase whatever we’re offering in a new approach. Some landing pages use heading to push their value propositions while subheading to discuss the actual offers.

  • Call to action

Provide captivating and clickable call-to-action (CTA) buttons that encourage visitors to purchase, sign up, request a demo, or do something else. The best option is to place CTAs at the top and bottom of the page so users don’t have to scroll all the way up to click. Or add a floating CTA button that’s always visible. 


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  • Benefits

It’s absolutely essential that your unique value proposition is clear and convincing. For this, list your benefits using the bullet-point format. Benefit bullets are concise descriptions of a product or service that make it stand out. State your product’s strongest benefit first and its weakest benefit last, presenting a so-called value hierarchy to your target audience. Don’t make the bullet-points long. Five to seven points will do so as not to overwhelm your users.

  •  Lead generation forms

While designing a landing page, keep your forms short. Request your page viewers for the essential information only. It might be tempting sometimes to collect as much data as possible. But for great landing page design services, less is more. 

2. Maintain a Minimalistic Layout

A good landing page design is attractive and minimalistic. It presents the information to the viewer in a non-intrusive manner. Eliminate redundant visual elements that sidetracks viewers. Instead, use a clean, simple design with plenty of white space. It assists viewers to focus on your product and call to action. Also, ensure that your design doesn’t increase the page loading time.

3. Provide Compelling Imagery

Just as texts, photos can enhance the way visitors engage with your offer. The visual reasoning skill enables humans to process and interpret meaning from what they see. Visual prompts can convey additional information to your visitors. Provide high-quality shots showing the best sides of your product or service.

4. Create a Trustworthy Identity

Include everything possible that shows visitors that your offer and brand are reliable. Most trustworthy websites display social proof in the form of a list of customers, press mentions, usage statistics, and testimonials.

Good landing pages make abundant use of testimonials, trust marks, and badges. 

While showcasing logos for trustworthiness, keep them clean and focused. Make logos of square and display them in grayscale to keep the focus on your offer.

5. Perform A/B Testing

It’s not enough to just make a landing page. It is also essential to test if it works well. To check whether your landing page can drive conversions, perform A/B testing. It collects valuable analytics on how users interact with the landing page.


Perform A/B testing on the following:


  • Headings
  • CTAs
  • Images and graphics
  • Buttons (look, text, and location)
  • Trust signals
  • Press quotes
  • Placement of page elements (blocks)
  • Navigation links

6. Adhere to Mobile-First Principles


To reach out to more customers, brands have adopted mobile-first strategies. It’s also because half of all web activity comes from mobile. Ensure that your landing page has a responsive design because it aids in the increase of conversion rate. For a landing page to be effective, it should look great on mobile devices, load quickly, and be ultra clickable.


7. Encourage Social Sharing

A landing page design agency attaches all your social sharing icons so that your customers can spread the word about your brand. Social sharing icons can be a form of word-of-mouth promotion campaign. To avoid cluttering, they use only buttons for social platforms that your target audience uses. Be sure to add an email forwarding option, since people still like to share things by email.



Landing pages present a unique opportunity for businesses to build focused, customer-oriented marketing campaigns. The simpler and neater a landing page, the better the chance it will convert users into leads.
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