5 Interactive Animation Trends to Enhance UX Design

Sanam Malhotra | 6th September 2019

We are almost six decades past the world’s first golden age of animation that ended in the 1960s. Since then, animation practices have evolved to enter diverse digital landscapes such as web interfaces, mobile apps, and wearable gadgets. Today, UI animations have become one of the most engaging factors of UX designs with personalized interactions and on-time responses.

However, providers of UI UX design services should ensure that UI animations do not end being mere eye candies. Notable UI animations solve user purpose in a visually appealing manner to maximize user engagement and experience. 


This blog post explores the 5 most intriguing UI animation design trends in 2019-


1) 3D Graphics and Typography

Vector images are fast losing their charm across web interfaces. Experts suggest that 3D web interfaces and graphics are the future of UI and UX designs. The underpinning effect of photorealism makes 3D graphics irresistible for users and significantly engages them with user interface design.


animation ui ux design services

For instance, the US-based creative design agency, Dog Studio, showcases a cursor and scroll-responsive website background. The seamless 3D movement of the background elements is combined with bold typography to balance readability and user navigation effectively.


However, the providers of web design services should carefully study the business niche and its user needs before designing a 3D interface. Also, 3D typography is the latest fad among contemporary brands that symbolize refined and polished business attributes.


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2) Tilted Card and Tile Movement

The web content appearance is no more limited to sections and banners. Cards and tiles now occupy most of the user interface space and for all the good reasons-

a) Tilted or slightly rotated items stand out of the conventional UI grid structure and build visual tension.

b) Motion cards and tiles establish a connection between two states of UI by making the content moveable.

mobile app design servicesImage Source

Here is a stark difference between the movement of static web screens versus animated card content. Clearly, great UX design connects the shared UI elements and therefore optimizes user experience significantly.


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3) Circular and Radial Motion

Jonas Naimark, a motion designer on the Material Design team at Google emphasizes the scope of motion graphics by quoting-

“Despite having so much potential, motion is perhaps the least understood of all the design disciplines.”

Jonas argues that motion graphics are the newest member of the UI design family.  However, its application makes the interfaces expressive and easy to use. Motion graphics in web interfaces gives the impression of an active response.


web design services

Google is the best example to demonstrate a variety of motion graphics and visual elements in the form of logo animations.


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4) Feedback and in-progress Microinteractions

Including microinteractions in UI UX design services solve 3 main purposes for businesses and users-

a)  Interact with the user to convey the process, and prevent error.

b) Demonstrate to users that they are dealing with an active and engaging business.

c) Provides process status and feedback while users perform a task on the website.

Cascading effect is also an effective manner to include microinteractions into a web interface. However, UX designers should study the ideal animation timings to ensure that users find the UI interactive and understandable.


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