Establishing Brand Recognition with Custom Illustrations and Infographics

Sanam Malhotra | 26th June 2019

In pre-industrial times, businesses used branding elements as identity marks to differentiate their products from the competition. However, businesses today follow more assertive branding processes to influence customers’ buying decisions with powerful digital experiences. Digital advancement over the years has added graphic designs, illustrations, infographics, and a chain of other design elements to brand identity design services.

Visual graphics are not only easy and quick to understand, but also leave a lasting impression on a brand’s target audience. Today more and more businesses attribute the improvement in their brand awareness to social media platforms, including Pinterest and Instagram.


This blog post provides quick tips and references as to how businesses can use custom illustrations and infographics to enhance their brand’s personality.


Custom Illustrations and Infographics- Usage and Significance in Brand Development

Illustrations are graphical representations of an idea, message, or concept. Unlike the 90s, today a majority of businesses use illustrations and graphics to establish their online presence. Illustrations can be displayed in the form of sketches, vector images, or even freestyle drawings.


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MailChimp, Airbnb, and Dropbox are some of the pioneer digital businesses to use custom illustrations in their UX/UI designs. They showcase how effective illustration design services can capture the brand’s essence in a meaningful and creative manner.


An infographic is a type of graphic that combines information with images and graphic designs to elaborate a subject or process. Infographics work as a medium to convey business processes or statistical data in a story-telling manner.

Infographics represent complex data in an easy to understand format and better recall. Therefore, some of the best agencies who provide web design services, use infographics to connect with target audiences effectively.


The graphic design team at Oodles Studio curates meaningful information and creative design elements to explain diverse business processes with Infographics.


Tips and Tricks to Create Effective Custom Illustrations and Infographics


1. In-depth Product Research

Before commencing with the illustrations, it is critical for graphic designers to understand the digital requirements of businesses. It is essential for designers to identify business objectives and user needs while providing UX research services.

Illustrators may then match the preferences and interests of end users with custom illustrations to portray the brand’s message. There are several UX research methodologies that businesses can use in accordance with their size and industry type.


2. Limit your Colour Palette

A long-standing brand name always has a distinct color which adds to its personality. For instance, the tangy yellow of McDonald’s, the bright red of Coca-Cola, or Google’s four bright color combination. Colors work as impactful branding elements which audiences can easily and instantly recognize.


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However, it is advisable for businesses to not use more than four different brand colors. Limiting your choice of colors is essential for providing a consistent brand experience across markets.

Likewise, while producing illustrations or infographics, designers must include brand colors consciously and subtly to reflect the brand’s identity.


3. Readability over Beauty

While creating infographics, designers are required to display a chain of headings, sub-headings, graphs, statistics, and quotes in a readable manner. The typography and font style of different texts must be considered through the eyes of the reader.


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Cursive or serif font styles may decorate your image but are not easily readable by all users. Moreover, they distract users from the main objective of the infographic and conveys an entirely different message.

Simple texts are not only easily understandable but are also scalable across devices. They maintain the voice of your brand’s message and clearly differentiates information.


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4. Curate meaningful information

Photos can be abstract and evoke different emotional responses from different individuals. Hence, custom illustrations and infographics are the new mediums to convey exact ideas and business messages. They not only fill the negative space around the content of the site but also grab significant mindshare of the audience.

Hence, providers of UX research and design services must curate meaningful insights about the product, its usage, and its relevance in the industry. The information about every phase can be used to produce a variety of illustrations, icons, and infographics.


Brand Identity Design Services for Multiple Industry Businesses

Oodles Studio has a skilled design team that produces custom illustrations and infographics to accelerate brand awareness of your online business. Talk to our brand identity designers to know more about our Digital Branding Services and deliverables.


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