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Manraj sandhu | 3rd October 2019

Yes, this Blog shall focus on the key to gathering a client’s appreciation. The answer is client’s tg. A TG refers to a target group. Ordinarily what a designer would focus on, is the design brief given by the client… which is important. But think about it, the end goal of the client is to reach his/her tg and make them buy the product.

While it is important to understand the client brief, it is also important that one understands the client’s audience, their demographics such as- age, gender, ethnicity, etc.

This insight can help in understanding the kind of design that the tg will instantly connect when looking at it. If you don’t know the tg, it is always best to ask your client as to who is he targeting and all the other details. Don’t be too rigid with this logic, the idea is to get a fair idea about the audience which can help you make designs & help the client achieve his goals, or leads. Every client need world class web design services but moreover it depends on the a designer as well.

Once you know who you are targeting here are 5 things to keep in mind when designing for your client-


  • The Competitors

It’s always good to see what the competition net door is doing to reach their goals. By doing this you ensure two things, one- the design would not be same. And second- you can strive to make better designs for the client.


  • Personal Preferences

As mentioned above, one should know the client’s tg, which means once you understand the mindset, you should focus on creating designs that appeals to the tg’s psyche. In other words, refrain from using designs that are of your interest. Do a bit of research as to what are the kind of designs that particular segment of people like viewing.


  • Typography

While typo is an important part of the visual communication, it is crucial to know when to use what kind of fonts. For example, when designing for corporate that focus on kids, use typos that they might enjoy looking at.

Also when your client’s over all persona has seriousness, it is wise to use san serfif fonts that have a modern feel to it.

For more information on typography you can visit a blog that is entirely dedicated to typography :

Best Practices in Typography for Enhancing Brand’s Digital Identity



  • Colours

Colours have an emotional impact on our minds, the right colour can quickly communicate a corporate message with less words in the design. One might think, there is no need for knowing the tg mindset in this context, as colours have similar meaning across the world. Well that’s the first mistake a designer tends to make, and it ends up being the biggest of them all. You see, each culture has a different meaning associated with colours. Take for instance, in some culture white is associated with good, but I some it is associated with emptiness or being plain.

In other-words, do your research on the tg before sticking to a colour. Because you never know what significance each colour hold for your clinet’s tg.

There is another article dedicated to colours, I recommend reading it for better understanding :

The Psychology of Colours Behind Marketing


  • Images

An image is worth a thousand words, that’s the old saying, and it still holds true in our current timeline. The image is like a just, an explanation of the inner content, it can be used to explain the heading, caption or even an idea. But as photo manipulators of the present time, it is important that we Dpon’t go overboard with it.

A younger audience may be fascinated by bright colours and cartoonist imagery, while an audience of 58-45 may not be. Similarly, the mature audience may be enticed and glued to your website because of complex or thought provoking imagery that represent an idea, however for an age group of 70+ it might be too complex and boring.


Remember, the success or failure of your design will all depend on how good is your understanding of the tg’s mindset. Needless to say, this insight will help you build a strong relation with the client and end up gaining appreciation as well as open new prospect to new ones.

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