Steps Involved in User Journey Mapping for Digital Designs

Anuj Bisht | 31st May 2019

The process of designing web interfaces requires a thorough understanding of business objectives, digital requirements, and user needs. It is critical for businesses to match their user’s needs and expectations with clear and easily accessible interfaces. ‘User Journey Mapping’ is the first step within UX Research and design services for building intuitive digital designs. It involves UX researchers to visualize the user’s journey and interactions across the digital interface. The journey maps allow businesses to empathize with the user’s needs and challenges while using their digital product or service.


This blog post provides a step-by-step guide to practice ‘User Mapping’ for building user-centric products and services.


What is User Journey Mapping?

A user journey map is a visual representation of a user’s interaction with a digital product. It involves every step and action taken by the user to accomplish a specific task using the product.

User Journey Mapping is the foremost step in UX Research services for designing meaningful and engaging websites and mobile applications. The process enables businesses to understand and map a user’s needs and challenges while using a digital interface.



User Journey Mapping Example- Online Booking for AC Maintenance Services

User Name– Clara

Scenario– Clara is looking for an online service booking system for the maintenance of her AC. She wants to book on an urgent basis without compromising with the quality.


  • A quick and clear online booking system
  • Ability to verify technical details
  • Friendly and helpful customer support


  1. Define
  • Current AC Specifications
  • Address details to check service availability
  • Date and time to schedule the service

      2. Compare

  • Checks for quality standards and prices compared to the last offline service provider
  • Additional taxes and charges applied
  • Expected service delivery time


      3. Payment

  • Looks for all types of payment options
  • Expects ‘Cash on completion of services’ option to ensure satisfactory services first


      4. Select

  • Confirms booking with the earliest available customer support
  • Expects confirmation through call or SMS



A typical User journey map highlights a user’s story to accomplish a particular task using a digital interface. The map is divided into multiple touchpoints that indicate the user’s interaction with the interface. The touchpoints are supported by significant user thoughts, emotions, and expectations respective to each point of action. UX/UI Consulting services can include and utilize a chain of user journey maps dedicated to separate touchpoints within the interface.


How to map User Journeys for UX Research and Design Services


1. Define Objectives and Know your audience

A UX designer must have a clear understanding of the stakeholder interests and overall business objectives. It requires in-depth research about the product’s target audience which includes defining user personas and stories. The primary objective should be to match the requirements of both parties in the most effective and user-friendly manner. Online questionnaires, surveys, feedback forms, and user testing are common tools to extract meaningful insights about users.


2. Pin down the touchpoints

The touchpoints are the key places of interaction between a user and the digital product. For instance, accessing the drop-down menu, getting account information, etc.

It is a common mistake among UX research consultants to map user journey by merely addressing their own needs and struggles. Instead, a user journey must reflect the needs and expectations of all kinds of potential users and fictional user personas.


3. Capture user emotions and thoughts

User journey maps can afford to omit the intricate technical details of the system. However, they can never compromise with the user’s current state of mind and emotions. Likewise, the visualization of the user’s thoughts become the strongest influencing factor in user journey maps. Hence, they assist designers to maintain a balance in the tone and order of the content and information provided on the interface.



It is important to note that the objective of making a journey map is to arrive at a common vision. The designing team should not limit user journey mapping to themselves and should involve multiple departments to contribute their viewpoints. Therefore, the inputs thus curated play a critical role in producing the final design.


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